This ‘N’ That

I have been a touch on the quiet side here and there lately, I know.  I’d apologize but it’s life that has me busy, and I think that’s a good thing.  Most days.

Work is still going pretty awesome.  I’ve been in my actual branch for what, a week and a half now?  I still like most of my coworkers.  The ones who aren’t my favs, I don’t dislike them, I just can’t adore everyone.  So it’s all good.

I’m pretty comfortable in the day to day transactions.  I’m building the needed self confidence but I’m also building the team’s confidence in me.  I’ve proven I have a pretty solid handle on what I’m doing.  I do run into questions regarding things I haven’t seen before, but that’s to be expected.  I have yet to be off by even a penny when balancing my drawer.  And I’ve even earned my coin vault which allows for an increased amount of cash on hand.  Though, the combo doesn’t seem to work and it isn’t like anyone else knows it, so we have to get the security company that made the vault in to reset it.  So, basic fun, you know.

All in all, work is going pretty good.

I have my surgery coming up in a week on the 7th.  I’m kinda confused because some people are saying they were back at their regular lives the next day, but everyone else including my doctor is like, “Dude, you are being cut open in 2 places.  Plan to need a few days down time.”  I’m not really sure which to believe.  I’m defaulting to my doctor though.  Plus, when I brought it up at work, my boss did say it might be in my best interest to not be accountable for money while hopped up on Percocet.  So, while I was only planning to take the 8th off, post surgery, I’m going ahead and just taking the rest of the week and the weekend.  It’ll be a total of 3 days missed.

And part of me is like, “Dude!  New job!  Those are busy days! Way to make a first impression!”  But the rest of me knows I’m not calling off due to coughing, I’m giving advanced notice, being cut open, and it was a mutual agreement between everyone involved.  So, whatever?

Plus, I let them know about the surgery in the actual job interview at the branch.  So really, I’m just being paranoid.

Meanwhile I’m there every shift.  Showing up early, leaving when everyone else leaves.  Volunteering for extra responsibilities.  I should be fine.

Aside from the work aspect?  Really looking forward to the surgery. I don’t want to be pregnant ever again.  But also?  Sleep!  Plus if Percocet can’t cure these headaches, nothing can!

The kids are, well… still breathing.  The boys are just at such lovely ages and stages.

I swear to god Luke has been 3 for about a decade now.  I’m ready for something other than 3.  Anything.  The whole kids grow up too fast and are adults in a blink of the eye?  Not Luke.  Forever 3.  Lovely.  Heartwarming.  Want to strangle him 3.

Thomas is something.  I’m not sure what.  We will be going back to therapy though.  I think it’s time for a diagnosis and maybe meds.  I don’t like the idea of meds.  And I’ll be very picky which ones I agree to.  But he need something.  We’ve just reached that point.  Thing is?  When he wants to be, he is an amazing and bright boy.  He just doesn’t really care to be.  So we are stuck at a cross roads.

Sammy is amazing.  She is at that lovely frustrating phase where she doesn’t want to go to sleep on her own but she is too little still to cry it out.  So I spend most nights cuddling her to sleep, putting her in her bed, praying she sleeps through the transition, and then repeating as needed.  But, she’s 3 months old.  It’s to be expected.  I’m just happy she sleeps through the night once she’s down for the count.

She is just getting through a cold and I must say she took it like a champ.  When it made her fussy it was because she really could not breath.  But otherwise I was smart enough to put her to bed in her bouncy seat and she didn’t miss a beat at sleep through the night.

By daylight she has learned to smile and is happy to do so.  Her brothers and daddy get the best ones.  Her biggest brother Thomas has gotten the closest to a laugh she has managed.  But she is working on that skill.  She is very talkative and will hold whole baby talk conversations with her daddy.  Oh, the way she lights up for her daddy… She truly is daddy’s girl!  It’s pretty amazing!

Sammy is pretty damn amazing!

And she adores her brothers and 3 months in, her brothers still adore her!  She brings out the best sides of the boys.  It gives me hope of bringing about some better discipline to their lives.

The point system is going, well?  It isn’t perfect.  It didn’t turn them into model citizens over night.  But it seems to be doing good enough for now, and we’ll continue to shape it as we go.

All in all, I’m pulling out opportunities to really enjoy my kids and when their behavior allows for it, I honestly am.

Alright, I think that’s it for now.  I need to come back later and touch on the subject of Pat and also my mental health.  No bad news to report.  Just a general update.

Stay safe!

A Few Reminders

As you wake from your turkey induced comas, I would like to remind you of the following:

You are better off not talking to me while drunk. Here is why!

You really should fill this out by nominating your favorites!  Also, I would fit into the TMI category.  Or, not.

Hold me accountable for these always!

I have kind of given up on this but should anyone want an invite, I can ungiveup on it too.

And finally, I’ve been published on the band twice now!  But in general, you really should check the whole site out.  It is amazing!

(Bad) Advice On How To Survive A House Full of Family This Holiday Season

The joke of stuffing the turkey full of Prozac?  Yeah, that’s an old one.  Try Lunesta or Ambien.  Why get along when you can all be equally guilty of sleeping?

Besides, you have a burning fever!  What are you even doing out of bed?

Start every sentence with, “In accordance to the proficy..”  Sure you still have to be around people, but at least you’ll be entertained, right?

This shirt is a must, since it’s half the reason we want to avoid the family, yes?

This one might keep them on their best behavior.

Though, if all else fails, this one should get the message across!

(Plus, profits go to The Bloggess and she tends to do good things with profits like charity and feed her family.  And buy huge metal chickens.  But, you know… All good things.)

Eggnog?  It’s alcoholic for a reason dude!  You aren’t a slush, you’re “festive”! I will not encourage my readers to drink alcohol.  I will not encourage my readers to drink alcohol.  I will not encourage…

Ok, SOMEONE, is going to have to fall asleep first post turkey. (Even more so if you stuffed it like I suggested.)  Get a sharpie and go to town!  Now, you have something to look forward to!

Answer ALL questions by talking in circles!  They should learn to stop asking eventually!

Up your dosage. Wait, that might be good advice!  It does not belong here!

The Stance You Wouldn’t Expect

Ok, this whole Occupy Wall Street thing.  I am for it in principle.  1% of the population owning 90% of the wealth is just scary.

Hell, I even feel some guilt, though I’m working on sorting that out, for being a bank teller.  My saving grace is that I don’t have a corner office and billion dollar bonus.  I’m a simple woman trying to support her family.  I just happen to be employed by a major bank.  I would argue the bank I work for is better than most.  Some of you might disagree.  But it is what it is.

And the main goal of Occupy Wall Street?  I agree with it.

I work hard and struggle to make ends meet and they don’t always.

I watch the richest pay reduced taxes while they threaten to take the federal help my family needs to survive because the government can’t afford it.

I lost my father, even as he has breath in his lungs, to the stock market crash and recession.

I get it.  I get what they are fighting for.  We all, in the 99%, want equality between rich and poor. (Or is that just the 56%?  I get confused.)


These people?

Who are occupying Wall Street and other cities world wide even?

For 2+ months now?

Are they using sick days?  Vacation time?  Calling off?


Why aren’t they finding jobs with their time?

I have to wonder why the fuck these people have so much free time and what they could do if they focused it elsewhere.

I’m on their side and all.  I’ll even occupy a street or two.  But not during banking hours.  During banking hours I’m doing my damnedest to work my ass off to acquire some of the wealth the 1% have.

Those of you who support the movement from your jobs, and before/after work, I salute you.  That I can respect.  Even if your job is as a stay-at-home watching the littles so your spouse can work their tail feathers off.  That still counts!  Also, being a student currently attending classes counts.  Because that is productive.  Standing on a street but not aiding in finding a solution?  Or you know, working towards your own personal solution?

Mah Baby Has Been Stolen By Grandma

Actually, it was my idea.

My mom was convinced I’d miss her too much to part with her over night.  But really, while I will miss her, yes, I have so much I want to get done that this break is really nice.  Also, sleep.  I like sleep.  I don’t mind getting up with her at 6AM.  And I’m even waking up rested enough to function.  But sleep on my terms? One night?  Yes please!

So for 24 hours, my mom has my youngest and my oldest.  And I have more quiet than I’m use to.

So, my to-do/fun things list:

  • Milk and pull-up run (done)
  • Put away Sammy’s 0-3 month clothes and pull out 3-6 and get 6-9 and 9-12 ready to go. (done)
  • Compose list of what clothes need to be bought yet for current and next size (done)
  • Candyland with the 3yo (2 games down, more to come I’m sure)
  • Bubble bath for the 3yo (done)
  • Nice dinner just Luke, momma and daddy (done)
  • Basic house upkeep like laundry, trash, pets (done until I spot something else)
  • Bank account info flash cards (1/4th done)
  • Bedtime stories and cuddles with the 3yo (done)
  • Sleep for more than a 6 hour stretch (in the early planning stages)

So do I miss her? Sure.  But I’m keeping busy and she is safe, loved, and happy.  So I’ll see her tomorrow and smother her with I missed you kisses.