Something Something Time. Something Something Slipping. Something Something Future.

Time sort of got away from me. I suppose it does that when the calendar no longer matters. Last week was a rush of phone interviews, COVID testing (I’m fine. It was a precaution.) and such.

There was also a weekend depression because I found a job. While I’m excited about the job itself, I wish it was a 2021 job. Not an end of the summer 2020 job with COVID still being out in full force in my community. But, well… the unemployment bonus is gone and I have a family to provide for.

Anyway, I’m not ready to talk about the job. I had orientation yesterday. I start my first shift tomorrow. So I’ll have something to say next week.

Also, just a note. I’m going to start having new posts drop on Thursdays. Wednesdays are my guaranteed day off and I work a lot of weekends so it just makes sense to drop things the day after I have a day off, so that if I am writing last minute it’s on a Wednesday not a Sunday, when I’m working.

I Know

November turned to December turned to January.

There really isn’t a good excuse but around the time my queue of posts ran out, my site was down for a bit because the friend who gives me space on his server to for my blog did something technical and important but it brought me down right when I needed to write again. Then I got sick. Then I got sicker. Then I got not exactly better but spent a week in a car (driving not living) and well. Life. Ya know?

Anyway, I’m back. I never really left I just needed to get life situated so I could find an hour or so a week to write.

I’m going to make a point of doing that again starting now.

Anyway, that’s all for this week. But I am going to sit and write a few posts tonight and queue them over the next month and I’ll keep the habit up and you’ll see real content from me again.