About Me

Karen Max has been married to the same man (Patrick or Pat) since April of 2003. Their oldest son, Thomas, was born in July 2003, their youngest son, Lucas, was born in January 2008, and their baby girl, Samantha, was born in August 2011.

Max is in remission from Borderline Personality Disorder. Which is like saying they’re recovered, but no matter how many positive thoughts you think, like cancer, you can never assume BPD is gone for good.

At their worse, Max struggles to get out of bed, eat 3 meals a day, function as a mom and spouse, hold a job, and simply keep up their life and dignity.

At their best Max was a successful bank teller working their way up in their career with one of the top banks in the country. They were known through their branch and beyond as being dedicated, hard-working, dependable, creative, personable, reliable, and eager to succeed and help the branch to succeed as a team.

The Max of 2007 and 2015 looks on in awe.

Max of 2019 is doing pretty ok though.

Max’s full diagnosis list, is: Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar, Generalized Depression, Generalized Anxiety, and Fibromyalgia. There are a couple other things that could be mentioned but as they are not “official”, we’ll leave them off the list. It isn’t like that list is lacking.

Max of 2019 is spending their life working on school and recovery, as well as being the person, mom, and spouse they want to be.  They are also working as a federal work study for the mathematics department at the uni they go to school at.  This doesn’t exactly pay the bills but it’s a good balance with school and family life.

Max is a geek and finds no shame in this. They game online, around a table, and live action. The 10th Doctor is their boyfriend, and he wouldn’t even need his TARDIS, just his brains, quirky personality, bemused grin, and luscious hair. Rawr! All of time and space would be a plus, though. Max is a brown coat who wants to see Firefly brought back, hopelessly Sherlocked, and a lover of Captain Jack be he a pirate or the brains of Torchwood. They grew up watching Star Wars and Star Trek. The Next Generation will always hold a special place in their over-sized heart. The prequels 1-3 of the Star Wars franchise are an embarrassment to the industry.  Then one night, in the dead of winter, while Max was on the brink of sleep, string theory suddenly made perfect, beautiful sense. Then in the excitement of their scientific discovery, they woke just enough to lose it all and has spent their days regretting this loss to the scientific community. But with hours spent reading quantum physics for fun, it will all come back. Finally, it should be noted: Roses are #ff0e0e, violets are #0000a5, and if you understood that, you’re a nerd too!

Max will write anything that needs said, be it proper or not. They are a firm believer that life is not to be regretted but instead learned from, and if by sharing those personal life lessons here someone else can benefit, then that is all the drive Max will ever need to keep writing!

And after all this time, they still maintains they’re difficult.