The Stance You Wouldn’t Expect

Ok, this whole Occupy Wall Street thing.  I am for it in principle.  1% of the population owning 90% of the wealth is just scary.

Hell, I even feel some guilt, though I’m working on sorting that out, for being a bank teller.  My saving grace is that I don’t have a corner office and billion dollar bonus.  I’m a simple woman trying to support her family.  I just happen to be employed by a major bank.  I would argue the bank I work for is better than most.  Some of you might disagree.  But it is what it is.

And the main goal of Occupy Wall Street?  I agree with it.

I work hard and struggle to make ends meet and they don’t always.

I watch the richest pay reduced taxes while they threaten to take the federal help my family needs to survive because the government can’t afford it.

I lost my father, even as he has breath in his lungs, to the stock market crash and recession.

I get it.  I get what they are fighting for.  We all, in the 99%, want equality between rich and poor. (Or is that just the 56%?  I get confused.)


These people?

Who are occupying Wall Street and other cities world wide even?

For 2+ months now?

Are they using sick days?  Vacation time?  Calling off?


Why aren’t they finding jobs with their time?

I have to wonder why the fuck these people have so much free time and what they could do if they focused it elsewhere.

I’m on their side and all.  I’ll even occupy a street or two.  But not during banking hours.  During banking hours I’m doing my damnedest to work my ass off to acquire some of the wealth the 1% have.

Those of you who support the movement from your jobs, and before/after work, I salute you.  That I can respect.  Even if your job is as a stay-at-home watching the littles so your spouse can work their tail feathers off.  That still counts!  Also, being a student currently attending classes counts.  Because that is productive.  Standing on a street but not aiding in finding a solution?  Or you know, working towards your own personal solution?

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