Helping Each Other

Triberr is a new social media tool for bloggers on twitter. Basically, up to 7 people join a tribe, and when 1 person writes a blog post, the other 6 automatically tweet links to it. The benefit is that it broadens your reach. If person A is followed by 200 people, and person B 300, and person C 400, that’s 900 people being tweeted the link to the new post. It’s a I’ll scratch your back and you scratch mine sort of system.

It is, however, also invite only. But once you’re invited into someone’s tribe, you can form up to 3 of your own. So if all 4 tribes are maxed at 7 tribe members, that’s 24 people tweeting a link to your new post. Every post.

That’s the basics of it, anyways.

Here is where you come in:

I am looking for Tribe mates for my new mental health tribe! I am looking for bloggers who don’t just blog about mental health but are real advocates in the community providing resources and help for those who need it! I’m looking for those who really want to make a difference! It is less about how many are following you and more about your affect on those who do! If those sounds like something you want in on, give me your contact information, link your blog, and if I agree you are a fit, you’re in!

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