My only real goal with this party, this project, is friendship.  I don’t have a lot of real solid friendship and I’m lonely.  Very, very lonely.  In fact, I’ve brought those in my head back to me so that I’m not always so alone.  Sometimes they help, sometimes they just show me how alone I really am.  Only there in my head, never out.

But yes, this #GeekParty is about friendship.  Not just for me, bot for others who enjoy geekism.  Whether it be gaming or comic books, music or Doctor Who, who really cares?  Geekdom isn’t about what you enjoy, but how you enjoy it.  It is a passion.  A PASSION!  And I’m filled with a passion in most everything I bother to do.  If I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it with all of me.  Enjoy it with all of me.  And that’s Geekdom.  And we’re proud.

So #GeekParty is pulling those of us who have passion for ANYTHING together so we can enjoy each other and talk about what we enjoy.

And last week it exploded.  Locally anyway.  I talk a lot and as a result it started trending in Ohio.  And that is awesome.  Because not only is that new friendship, but that is new friendship near me.  Where maybe I can work towards a friendship that doesn’t involving hiding behind the internet.  I’d love that.

Because that is what I need so desperately right now.

So please join us, tonight, at the 3rd #GeekParty.  Everyone is welcome.  Everyone is encouraged.  It starts at 8PM EST and runs until the last person leaves.  Come early.  Come late.  Just please consider stopping by.  You never know who you’ll meet and what you’ll find yourself talking about.

Be There or Be Triangle

This isn’t a full post, I do apologize, but I wanted to make sure to post a reminder that this very evening, on the twitter, starting at 8PM EST is the second #GeekParty.

It is anything but formal.  It is very random.  There are no set topics, ever.  We talk comic book movies, Doctor Who, Pi Parties, and so much more.  I would love to have anyone and everyone join.  The more beautiful minds whom join, the more flavors there are on the conversational spread.

So please consider dropping by and joining in.  Pick a topic, any topic.  Start your own.  Nothing is off-limits.  If it has a fandom, or even if it doesn’t, it is open for conversation.

See you there?

You Can Find Me Here And Here But Not There

I am leaving Facebook by the end of the month.  I am giving as much warning as possible because I will have people mad about losing access to stories about the kids.  Not to mention that the Facebook page for this site won’t exist.

I am still all over the internet, just no longer am I going to be all over Facebook.  We all know they have no ethics and are happy to sell our information.  And I’m done with it.  I’m also done with a few other aspects and dramas that on their own weren’t enough to make me leave, but all piled together and paired with decisions Facebook made, has made it more than enough.  ENOUGH.

Look.  I don’t want this to be some dramatic thing.  I think giving notice is drama enough.  I feel like I’m asking for attention or something.  In reality I know last time I left I didn’t give notice and got dragged back.  I’m not letting that happen this time.

I am all over the internet and only one of these places involves a secret identity. I am not hard to find and not hard to keep in touch with if effort is put into it.

Those if you who are:
This blog will be maintained. I will try to revive the kid’s blogs for their cuteness and stories. I’m on twitter. I’m on G+. I have two email addresses. You can follow my pintrest pins. I have at least two tumblrs.

All of my social media links can be found above perma linked from this site.  I will be adding links to the kid’s sites somewhere on here also as a perma link.  I’m making the ability to stay in touch with everyone as simple as I can, short of actually staying on Facebook.

But to be honest, while you do as you please and it’s none of my never mind, I’m really wondering why more people haven’t left already.

I’m saying I’m waiting until the 1st so that everyone has a chance to see this (both here and actually on Facebook) and request any needed links or phone numbers.  And that is the plan.  But we’ll see.  It is highly possible that something political, racist, sexist, or otherwise bigoted will bring me to the “delete account” button faster than planned.

New Phone Redux

I hate smart phones.  I’m not overly thrilled to own one.  Yes, the apps are cool.  Yes, I’ll use them.  But I am just not one of those people that has to have the latest and greatest smart phone.

In fact, 24 hours in and I’ve already had to do my first factory reset.  Because they are such a joy!

Since I apparently have no real choice but to have a smart phone, I’ve got twitter set up on it to do my bidding.  I run 3 twitter accounts I can toggle between.

1 is my main one @therealkmarrs.

1 is my facebook one.  So I don’t have to go back and forward on facebook which I loath more than smart phones, I have a twitter that’s main function is to forward to my blog’s facebook page.  All in the name of being more active there and less spammy spammy. I need to give this more shape in the future.  And decided, for example, if that’s the twitter stream I want to link to here.  Do I keep it strictly BPD?  Include personal?  Decisions decisions.

The 3rd is an anonymous account that I would love to share but can’t because I need to stay anon so I don’t get fired.  *shrug*  No names are ever named and it’s all very generic crap that all of us in the banking word run into daily.  Alas, no reason to get specific with it.

I’m also making sure all links from all blogs go to the correct place.  Sammy’s blog should auto forward a link to my personal FB and Twitter.  Same as the boys.  Where my blog should go to my FB page and my @therealkmarrs twitter.  Then my tumbler goes to blah blah blah.  And oh hey you can shoot me now.

Granted, I’m the dumb ass running 7 blogs counting my tumbler.

Alright, time to run for food.  Laters!

This Might Be Unpopular

We all dislike the ads on Facebook and other social media sources.

But should a false rumor spread that Facebook is going to start charging?  We become outraged!

Guess what, peeps, we can’t have both.  These social media sites have bills to pay, servers to maintain, tech support, brains, etc to payroll.  That shit is expensive!

I work for a non-profit and we struggle like hell to pay the bills.  And that’s without even having payroll to consider.  Sites are expensive yo!  Especially ones as massive as ours!

What is my solution?

1. Give people an option of paying x per month and their version of the site is ad free.  You don’t pay, you have ads.  Seems fair.  Either way, the electric stays on at Twitter headquarters.

2. Everyone one pays x a month for access to all social media.  That money gets split between what’s out there.  This seems dumb, maybe, until you realize how many social media sites with ads are out there, that could charge fees individually.  So why not one charge for them all that gets split between them all.


Don’t like this?

Then stop bitching about ads.  Not like you are paying for this shit.

Now, if you hate the ads and are willing to pay for them to go away, bitch on my peeps!

I myself, don’t really mind a few unobtrusive ads.  I’ve learned to ignore the right column on Facebook and I rarely notice the few twitter sponsored tweets.  No, I won’t follow the companies they suggest.  But, even then I might if it’s the right company.  The point is: I can turn a blind eye to something that makes something I use for hours a week, free for me to use.  I mean… think about it.