This ‘N’ That

I found myself a new medical doctor. I’m going to start treatment for my acid reflux. Those 2 days with the bad heartburn about killed me. My first appointment is Tuesday.

Imp, the head honcho rat, just bit Thomas. Which is weird because Imp doesn’t bite. The twins sometimes do but even they have never drawn blood. Imp drew blood. Kinda makes me wonder what the kid did to Imp. He insists nothing, but then he would.

Luke is learning how to count. He can go from 1 to 4 but then he thinks 6 comes next. Meh, it’s a process. He knows what the words are for though. He’ll count things as he picks them up.

I feel kinda bad, but I took no pics this Christmas. Well, I took a few of the kids with their stockings and I took a few with my mom’s camera of the after effects. But I have nothing of them with their presents as they opened them.

My baby turns 2 in less than a month. He already acts 2 though. He’s also going through a stripper phase. We can’t seem to keep clothes on him when he’s in bed. I remember Thomas going through this phase. It’s one of the few things I do remember.

Twitter feed doesn’t seem to be working. It’s what updates my twitter when I post a new blog entry. I have to fix it because I changed my URL. I updated the URL for twitter feed but it still seems broken. That or I’m just being impatient. It’s suppose to update ever 30 minutes. It seems like it’s been 30 minutes.

I spent my free time yesterday evening reading old blog entries from my deadjournal (think livejournal only for the goth and dark at heart). I think I was looking for things I could copy and paste up to here. Kinda like glimpses into the past. I don’t know why, but I’ve decided to scrap that idea. I was so annoying. I’m still annoying but at least this is relevant. I’d like to think so anyways.

In my not so free time yesterday I was playing Dungeons and Dragons with the guys. I really enjoy it. I’m playing a half human, half dragon fighter. I’m built to take hits and stay alive. Which in gamer speak means I’m the tank.

I’m also playing WoW again. Though I think I already mentioned that. Or at least I implied it.

But the point is I have games in my life again.

Ok, so some good news, bad news work related. With the holiday season being over I’m losing hours again. I’m going back down to working only 4 days a week. That’s what I was at before and we survived. Money is going to continue to be tight though. Which really sucks. I’m also officially losing my full time status. I don’t have insurance through work so that isn’t the end of the world, but I am losing my sick days and vacation time, which really sucks. The good news is I have 3 vacation days to use up so I’m taking most of next week off. I’ll work Saturday and Sunday but I’ll be off Monday through Friday.

I’m also toying with finding a second job. Something I can work just 1-2 days a week. That or maybe I can pick up hours at a different lab in the company. That might be the way to go.

Alright crank butt is being cranky so I’m going to end this and go play with him some.

Have To Brag

I had a really nice evening with my hubby last night. We spent some real quality time in the bedroom. I got a nice back message with oil and he got a back message with a loofah in the shower. After we were done with our various messages we played WoW together. By the end of the night I felt special and loved. And I love feeling special and loved. It was a good night.

Christmas: A Potentially Borderline Event

Borderline Personality Disorder and ChristmasWe had a good Christmas this year.

Thomas made out like a bandit. He got a fuck ton of transformers and remote control vehicles (airplanes from Santa, motorcycle, monster truck, hover craft, and a digger). He also got a Nerf gun that has already been properly used to torture the cat. Auntie Rachel, my sister, bought him a large pirate ship for the bath tub. It’s pretty cool. There are all these pieces that come off and can be moved around so you can design and redesign about a dozen different boats.

Luke didn’t get quite as much as Thomas got but what he did get he seems to really enjoy. His favorites seem to be his play cell phones. He got two, one for our house and one for grandma’s house. He also got a really big mega blocks dump truck. There are spots on it where you can build with the blocks, it of course holds mega blocks, and he can also ride on it. It’s pretty cool. He got lots of new books, I think we were all getting sick of the old ones. Then of course he got his mega block table from Santa.

Pat got a few good things. He got a brand new scale. We’ve been needing one around here. This one is really nice because it can handle our weight. He also got a set of really nice incense defusers.

I am pretty happy with what I got for Christmas. My mom bought me a t-shirt that reads “There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary and those who don’t.” Btw, 10 is binary for 2. Now I just need the shirt that teaches you how to count in finger binary. Maybe next Christmas. I also got a new mouse for my computer. It’s a lot nicer than my old mouse. The cord is a little short but Jesse says he has an extension cord, so that will be good. Pat reactivated my WoW (world of warcraft) for me. So I can play Dygs again. This makes me way happy.

We spent the early part of the day home opening gifts with the kids. Then we headed to my mom’s house later that morning and had a gift exchange there. That afternoon Pat took Thomas to go see newest Chipmunk movie while Luke and I stayed at mom’ and hung out with my mom, sister and my sister’s new boyfriend, who I think is pretty cool by the way. After the movie Pat and Thomas came back and we had dinner. Mom made ham and turkey this year, which was pretty cool. And of course we had all the trimmings. After dinner Pat and I went home while the kids stayed at my mom’s for the weekend.

All in all it was a relaxing day.

Thank You

I just want to thank all my loyal followers who have seen me through to this 1 year mark. Without you I have no purpose. I’m here to serve you and do my best semi-daily, well at least weekly, to give you your glimpse into my mind and into the inner workings of BPD. I do my best to get valuable information about BPD out there. And knowing you read along flatters me.

I also have a favor to ask, if you read this and aren’t a “follower” over there in the right hand column, can you please start following me? It’s really easy and it lets me know you are out there, reading me. More importantly it gives me validation. I work hard keeping this blog up and running. I bare my soul and all my flaws to the public on a weekly basis. You found out as I did that my husband was wanting to leave me. You’ve had a ring side seat to all my trails and tribulations in finding the right med combo and getting started back up in therapy. I’ve done countless hours of research to get my, your, our blog articles posted. I need validation that I’m not doing this all for nothing. Please follow me. If you are reading this all anyways, there is no reason not to. Besides, I like knowing I’m not alone out there.

But most important of it all, thank you.