Christmas: A Potentially Borderline Event

Borderline Personality Disorder and ChristmasWe had a good Christmas this year.

Thomas made out like a bandit. He got a fuck ton of transformers and remote control vehicles (airplanes from Santa, motorcycle, monster truck, hover craft, and a digger). He also got a Nerf gun that has already been properly used to torture the cat. Auntie Rachel, my sister, bought him a large pirate ship for the bath tub. It’s pretty cool. There are all these pieces that come off and can be moved around so you can design and redesign about a dozen different boats.

Luke didn’t get quite as much as Thomas got but what he did get he seems to really enjoy. His favorites seem to be his play cell phones. He got two, one for our house and one for grandma’s house. He also got a really big mega blocks dump truck. There are spots on it where you can build with the blocks, it of course holds mega blocks, and he can also ride on it. It’s pretty cool. He got lots of new books, I think we were all getting sick of the old ones. Then of course he got his mega block table from Santa.

Pat got a few good things. He got a brand new scale. We’ve been needing one around here. This one is really nice because it can handle our weight. He also got a set of really nice incense defusers.

I am pretty happy with what I got for Christmas. My mom bought me a t-shirt that reads “There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary and those who don’t.” Btw, 10 is binary for 2. Now I just need the shirt that teaches you how to count in finger binary. Maybe next Christmas. I also got a new mouse for my computer. It’s a lot nicer than my old mouse. The cord is a little short but Jesse says he has an extension cord, so that will be good. Pat reactivated my WoW (world of warcraft) for me. So I can play Dygs again. This makes me way happy.

We spent the early part of the day home opening gifts with the kids. Then we headed to my mom’s house later that morning and had a gift exchange there. That afternoon Pat took Thomas to go see newest Chipmunk movie while Luke and I stayed at mom’ and hung out with my mom, sister and my sister’s new boyfriend, who I think is pretty cool by the way. After the movie Pat and Thomas came back and we had dinner. Mom made ham and turkey this year, which was pretty cool. And of course we had all the trimmings. After dinner Pat and I went home while the kids stayed at my mom’s for the weekend.

All in all it was a relaxing day.

2 thoughts on “Christmas: A Potentially Borderline Event

  1. I loved having you all here and I'm glad you had a good time. The kids were good, the food turned out well, and I know Joe felt relaxed and welcomed too. Let's get the New Year off to a good start too.

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