It’s 7:30 PM, early spring.

This is my favorite time of day
The sun is setting outside my window where I sit at my desk.
The sun catchers I have up ready for this moment are glowing.
The plants in that corner are getting so much natural light.
I can’t see for shit because I’m literally blinded by the sun.
But it’s warm on my face even through the window panes.
So I sit here and soak it up with my plants and my sun catchers.

This Just In…

My mouth where the teeth got pulled hurts more now than it did last week. I think it’s agitated because I keep chewing on that side. Which is fail on my part but I have trouble chewing on the other side due to the actual gap in my teeth. Oh, and I had no idea how reliant I was on my wisdom teeth for chewing. I’m not saying I miss them, but this is going to take some getting use to.