Thank You

I just want to thank all my loyal followers who have seen me through to this 1 year mark. Without you I have no purpose. I’m here to serve you and do my best semi-daily, well at least weekly, to give you your glimpse into my mind and into the inner workings of BPD. I do my best to get valuable information about BPD out there. And knowing you read along flatters me.

I also have a favor to ask, if you read this and aren’t a “follower” over there in the right hand column, can you please start following me? It’s really easy and it lets me know you are out there, reading me. More importantly it gives me validation. I work hard keeping this blog up and running. I bare my soul and all my flaws to the public on a weekly basis. You found out as I did that my husband was wanting to leave me. You’ve had a ring side seat to all my trails and tribulations in finding the right med combo and getting started back up in therapy. I’ve done countless hours of research to get my, your, our blog articles posted. I need validation that I’m not doing this all for nothing. Please follow me. If you are reading this all anyways, there is no reason not to. Besides, I like knowing I’m not alone out there.

But most important of it all, thank you.

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