Going to my first ever convention tonight.  It’s a convention for the LARP Pat plays in each week.  I’d love to play each week but motherhood calls.  However their yearly convention is just down the road, my mom was lined up to babysit and away we go!  I’m nervous as hell.  I don’t know most these people.  But, I know the game.  And my character is meek so I’m ok being quiet and hanging onto my hubby.

Collection of Thought to Round Out the Week

#1 best thing about moving into an actual house in a month?  When I hear random stomping, pounding, banging, etc I will know 100% for sure it’s coming from my house and not the house connected to me house.  Currently listening to what sounds like a cat running back and forward above me.  There is not a single cat inside this house.  So it’s something involving the neighbors and that shit echos bad.  Sometimes I swear this place is haunted.

For my 14th wedding anniversary, I want a year of dance lessons, with Pat, so that on our 15th anniversary, when we renew our vows (was going to be 10th, but we want Sammy older) we can do our equivalent of the following.

There is now a possibility he is considering a divorce lawyer, but he’ll get over it. 10 years we’ve been together and not once have we danced. 28 years I’ve been alive, and I’ve never (seriously) danced. We’re going big. Suck-it, bitch!  (Yes Pat, you’re the bitch in reference.)

I was only vaguely aware he existed before today (I don’t watch tv, sorry) but suddenly I really like Jon Hamm.  He is a man who deserves respect.

I was planning to vote Libertarian, this coming election.  Because mainstream politics are starting to annoy the hell out of me, and this way no matter who won, I would have voted against them.  Granted, I like Obama. A lot, even.  But the nation refuses to give him a Congress that will work with him.  And I really like Gary Johnson and most all he stands for, though I don’t honestly expect him to win.  Then Obama pulled out this:

Do I think any Congress will let it be federally passed?  Not really.  Do I think future presidents will let it remain even if it does?  Not really.   But I think he has a better chance with this than Johnson has of winning the election, and well, this is a big one for me.  Even with Johnson supporting it, the Republicans flat out don’t, so I’m going to vote for the stronger of the 2 who do, even though he isn’t my first choice over all.   I will even go through the process of legally being able to wed others to those they love, if this gets passed, just to be one more person against a shortage of those willing to do this.  Because you know many who can, will refuse.

Today, as I was telling my best friend Stacy, the plans for when I leave this world, it really sunk in how well my husband knows me.  First off, I’ve shared I’m going to be turned into a tree, but I hadn’t picked out one yet.  Pat has told me he’d have me become a Ginkgo Biloba tree because they let loose stink bombs and it’s very fitting of me.  My next question was, where should I be planted?  He’s decided the nook right outside the sitting room window of the first mental hospital I had a stay in, where he and Willy made me snow angles while waiting for visiting hours post blizzard, would be the perfect spot.  Yes, I quit agree it is rather fitting for me to spend my next life as a tree on the grounds of a mental health facility.  Then the life insurance from my work?  It’s 10 times what’s needed to ash and plant me.  So while my main insurance plan will be for securing my family’s future, the remainders of the work policy will finance an epic D&D game, that will be my wake, where everyone has to play an awakened monkey in my honor. (Think an actual monkey, that has the brain and speech ability of a human, but the impulse control and self discipline of the monkey.  So basically, me, only hairy and with a tail.  Bells of all sorts will be standard issue.)  This plan almost makes me want to be the first to go, many many many decades from now mind you, just so all this can happen.  If that isn’t the case, well the plan will be in my will and I will haunt all 3 of my kids and any grand kids if they drop the ball.  Oh!  And the number #1 gaming snack combo for this game will be blue (and only blue, you can special order those) M&M’s and Mt Dew.  Be there or be square!

Finally, and this is a tack on oh hey, though how that happened I’m not sure: A few weeks ago I filled out the application and sent in the money to the Columbus Bar Association to become a Notary Public.  The application has been approved and a study guide has been sent.  Now I have 90 days to pass a test with the Bar.  Once that is complete, I have another wait for results and then I get a nifty official stamp.  Once I have that thumbs up from the bar, I get to go to city hall and be sworn in by a judge.  Then I’m all official!  It’s something uber useful I can do now (well, by the end of summer) for my current job, but long run it’s really nice on the resume for future positions.  Also, I’ve seen the stamp in action and it even sounds official.

The Character Alignment Of My 8-Year-Old

Ok, long conversation at the dinner table between me and the boys regarding good vs bad behavior.
“Is throwing your food good or bad?”
“Is eating all your veggies before asking for dessert good or bad?”
“Is sitting and reading quietly good or bad?”
“Is ripping your books good or bad?”
“What is something you could do to be good?”
“What is something you would do that is bad?”
“What happens when you are good?”
“What happens when you are bad?”
“What is something good you can do if your brother ?”
Eventually led to:
“Luke, do you want to be good or bad?”
“Thomas, do you want to be good or bad?”
Uh.  Ok then.  Just wish their wasn’t also a “chaotic” there in front of that alignment.

This ‘N’ That

I keep wanting to write a post, but my head has been filled with so much snot, I can’t think straight. This morning when I woke up it had started moving to my chest. I couldn’t breathe and could barely talk. I took a long, hot shower and that helped but I still called in sick. At the rate I’ve been going, it’s for the best. I’ve spent the day keeping quiet and pounding back vitamin c fortified juice. I don’t work again until Tuesday, so here is for hoping. I have to be better by Friday/Saturday. My sister gets married Saturday so I need to be healthy.

I was only scheduled for 3 days this week at work because of me needing Friday and Saturday off. I have my regular Wednesday off as well, which is good. I’m not sure why I was given Monday off. But whatever. Since I didn’t go in today, that means I’m only getting paid for 2 days this week. Which isn’t good. However, luckily I’m getting paid to shoot Rachel’s wedding. Otherwise, I’d be screwed. I was kinda hoping to put the money from the photography job towards photography equipment, but whatever. Bills come first. I can live without a background.

Pat has me playing Lord of the Rings Online. It just went free to play so we aren’t paying anything. Which is good because we can’t afford to pay anything. I’m enjoying it ok. I like the time with Pat. I’m also enjoying farming in the game. It’s not too unlike the farming aspect of Farmville (minus the decorating my farm aspect) only faster and more rewarding. Eventually, I’ll have my own house and I can decorate that. In some ways the game is similar to WoW, in other ways it’s better. In some ways, it’s not as good. But all in all, I like it. I do like it’s Lord of the Rings, so I know some of the references.

I can’t think of anything else so I’m going to go play my game.

DBT Doesn’t Always Have All The Answers: But It Has Most

Blog Borderlne Personality Disorder BPDImp is officially biting people. I don’t know what happened. He was the sweetest of the rats and now he’s biting everyone who gets too close. Dave, any advice?

I had group today. Today is my favorite group. It’s the one where we talk about doing the things we enjoy to help improve our emotions. Eventually I’ll get it posted up here. After I post the 7 weeks that come before it. Seeing as how we are on week 12 and I last posted week 4, I’m guessing it’s going to take awhile. Motivation being at zero is making this impossible. But I’ll have the info forever so it isn’t like I’m going to run out of time. It can wait until I have the motivation.

I was suppose to have individual therapy today. However I wasn’t in a talkative mood and one of the other girls in class was in crisis mode so I gave her my time slot.

I finally had me doctors appointment today. I’m on Zantac 150mg twice a day for acid reflux. He also suggested some basic life style changes. I’m suppose to not eat anything I love to eat and I’m suppose to sleep on my back. Got it, I’ll starve to death and never sleep. All or nothing, baby. Because I’m stubborn like that. In reality I’ll most likely try to cut back on the and foods on my bad days but I’ll most likely never give them up completely. My acid reflux is not nearly bad enough for me to worry about it. I’m sure the meds will be enough. I know, I know. I’m talking crap. I’m stubborn. I like the foods I like. Actually I don’t even eat all that much that’s bad for acid reflux. Aside for my daily intake of Mt Dew. But you don’t want to know me without it. It’s the stuff horror stories are made of

So the battery for my Nikon D80 is dead. Dead dead. Gone the way of the microwave. It is refusing to charge. The kicker is it gave no warning. It gradually died and then refused to be charged back up. I’m going to have to replace it which will set me back 25$. That’s after my employee discount. Those are 50$ batteries.

Today I am feeling lost. Kinda like I don’t belong anywhere. I hate this feeling. I shared this feeling at group today and everyone was quick to assure me I belong with them. It had the opposite of the desired affect though. I don’t know how that works.

My druid, Faey, in WoW is up to 16th level. I’m working hard to make her a good little healer. I just want to play with Pat. I like life better when I’m playing with Pat.

I’m rambling. I’m going to end this and go work on leveling Faey. Night guys.