You Can Find Me Here And Here But Not There

I am leaving Facebook by the end of the month.  I am giving as much warning as possible because I will have people mad about losing access to stories about the kids.  Not to mention that the Facebook page for this site won’t exist.

I am still all over the internet, just no longer am I going to be all over Facebook.  We all know they have no ethics and are happy to sell our information.  And I’m done with it.  I’m also done with a few other aspects and dramas that on their own weren’t enough to make me leave, but all piled together and paired with decisions Facebook made, has made it more than enough.  ENOUGH.

Look.  I don’t want this to be some dramatic thing.  I think giving notice is drama enough.  I feel like I’m asking for attention or something.  In reality I know last time I left I didn’t give notice and got dragged back.  I’m not letting that happen this time.

I am all over the internet and only one of these places involves a secret identity. I am not hard to find and not hard to keep in touch with if effort is put into it.

Those if you who are:
This blog will be maintained. I will try to revive the kid’s blogs for their cuteness and stories. I’m on twitter. I’m on G+. I have two email addresses. You can follow my pintrest pins. I have at least two tumblrs.

All of my social media links can be found above perma linked from this site.  I will be adding links to the kid’s sites somewhere on here also as a perma link.  I’m making the ability to stay in touch with everyone as simple as I can, short of actually staying on Facebook.

But to be honest, while you do as you please and it’s none of my never mind, I’m really wondering why more people haven’t left already.

I’m saying I’m waiting until the 1st so that everyone has a chance to see this (both here and actually on Facebook) and request any needed links or phone numbers.  And that is the plan.  But we’ll see.  It is highly possible that something political, racist, sexist, or otherwise bigoted will bring me to the “delete account” button faster than planned.

One thought on “You Can Find Me Here And Here But Not There

  1. thank you for this website and your posts, read some comments by harry after a post and they helped a great deal.
    Briefly– I think i was misdiagnosed with bipolar depression in 2009 and atypical bipolar in 1998. Any ways, it has clearly been a very, very powerful case of inwardly narcissistic destruction of self–suicidal ideation for like, 2 decades. completely alone because i refuse to be like the aggressive, extroverted bpd types tearing through the universe. but i feel a great deal of empathy for everyone suffering from any illness. This world is so damn hard…

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