Life List 151-200

This list is no where near it’s end but my OCD drive to organize is kicking in.  As such, this will be my last actual post regarding what I hope to accomplish in my life.  However, as I sort my goals into categories, I will keep the link in the top right, also found here, up-to-date.  I am happy to share the list, it will just no longer be a simple 1-1983 like I’ve been working on for the last year.  So here you go, in no certain order which is in dire need of a change, are items 151-200 on my bucket list.

151. Take a Zumba Class
152. Get decent at Zumba
153. Take a Latin Dance class
154. Get decent at Latin Dance
155. Take a Yoga class
156. Get decent at Yoga
157. Do 100 push-ups
158. Make it to the top of a climbing wall (December 17, 2012)
159. Successfully climb something made by nature
160. Read 1000 books as an adult
161. Read 2000 books as an adult
162. Have a spa day – The works
163. Own an Orchid
164. Keep it alive
165. Without help
166. Star at a 5 Star hotel
167. After a 5 star dinner
168. Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary
169. Go on a ghost tour (Spring break 2002 – New Orleans)
170. Own purple suede shoes
171. Own a pair of heels that cost at least 150$
172. Learn to walk in stilettos
173. Become a better photographer
174. Photograph a wedding as the official photographer (October 2010)
175. Photograph the wedding of someone I’m not related to
176. Watch a spacecraft launch live and in person
177. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
178. Relearn how to sew and use the skill as an adult
179. Ride a train across Europe
180. Kiss the Blarney Stone
181. Learn how to knit
182. Knit a blanket
183. Learn how to crochet more than just a single rope
184. Crochet a blanket
185. Learn how to quilt
186. Quilt a blanket
187. Ride in a hot air balloon
188. Sleep in a castle
189. Learn to scuba dive
190. Scuba dive in the Caribbean
191. Earn over 100,000 in one year
192. Earn over 120,000 in one year
193. Have a net worth of 1,000,000
194. Tour the landmarks of this nations birth and history
195. See Washington DC as an adult
196. Read the Bible all the way through
197. Read the Koran all the way through
198. Read the Tao-Te-Ching all the way through
199. Read the Torah all the way through
200. Read The Book of Mormon all the way through

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