School Dreams, School Realities

I am right on track to start school back up on April 29.  I’ve completed my request for financial aid and next week, the 10th maybe, I’ll be taking my writing placement test.  From there I’ll meet with my admissions adviser to finish getting me on as a student.  From that point, it’ll be her job to get me sitting down with an adviser that can help me finalize the selection of my major and get me enrolled for my first semester.

I’m pretty sure I’m going with business economics for my major, but I’m not set on that.  The adviser will be able to listen to my career and school goals and help make sure I’m going for what will help me meet my goals the best.  This will be a 4 year degree so when I do complete it, I need to able to have career advancement options to show for it.

After my 4 year, I’m already considering finishing up my education and getting my masters.  This is in the very early stages of daydreaming, though.  I need to be sure I can handle the school/work/family load in general first.  But the higher I go in my education, the higher I can go in my career.  Not that I have lofty firm goals there.  I mostly want to just be happy and successful enough to support my family.  But I don’t want something to come along and me be held back by my education.  The school I’m going to does offer an MBA though, so if it boils down to just adding a few more years of schooling, I need to do it.

As hard as I fought to try to be a student at the old school, this new one is just the opposite.  I finally feel, after 5 years of struggle, that I’m getting somewhere in all this.

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