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BPD Blog Borderline Personality DisorderAs things slow down around here and I average a handful of posts a month instead of the handful a week or even day I use to produce, I ask myself, in moments of weakness, why I continue on.  Why not shut this place down?

Oh, I always pull myself out of that.  Too many hours spent here to just pull the plug.  Too much relevant information even if I’m not adding daily personal stories.  This blog surely has some life, some good even if it’s just in the background.

Monday I found this in my twitter stream.


I, of course, followed the link to find (Link no longer valid, but led to her discussing her recovery).

I quickly shared my pride in Michelle, thrilled to have someone new to the fold of recovered.  But then, Michelle quickly turned the tables to make sure I had some pride in myself.


My promise to Michelle, myself, and everyone who has read or will read this blog in the past, present and future is to not lose sight of that right there.  With all the misery my mental health has put me through over the years, if I can use it to give back to my community then it helps make some of it worth it.

Nothing can make all of it worth it.  But knowing I can help others does help.  More than just about anything else can.

Thank you Michelle.  Now go forth my friend and use your news skills, understanding, but most importantly your experience, to help others along the path.  To many have to fend for themselves with only those of us who have been there able to understand what they are truly going through.  You’ll find your means and method of using your past pain and anguish to do good.  I know you will.  And it will make you all the stronger of a healer.

Is that not, after all, what we both are?

4 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. Isn’t it great when you get that kind of positive response out of the blue?

    I completely understand the desire not to go on with blogging, and then the desire to come back and keep it up. Went through that myself recently.

    • It’s not even that I don’t want to go on with it, life is just so very busy and I’ve been fairly stable. As stable as I’ll ever get anyway. And it’s painful to see this blog sit here without updates. But then I remind myself it would be way even more painful to take her down.

      • That’s sort of what I meant. Making the time for it, which is one of the reasons that I went on hiatus for a bit.

        There were other factors, but time was a big one.

        And every time I thought about taking it down, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

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