Thank God I Don’t Aim To Be Popular

Ok. So “OMG WHEEE” of the royal pregnancy aside, the real drama llama of the situation is the prank call.

There are two parties to this: The radio DJ’s and the hospital.

The DJ’s?  Never excepted to be put through.  Of course, they didn’t.  Who in their right mind would have actually thought they could have pulled that off?  They were expecting to place the call and get a laugh from their epic fail.  The DJ epic fail, not the hospital epic fail.  They were looking to get laughed at over their own failure.  Not what actually happened.

And the real failure, the prank actually working, took many people, most of whom where in the hospital.

It is tragic that the nurse took her life.  I attribute her death to shock, heart-break and humiliation.  And while yes, she was the first to fall for the prank, she by no means was alone.

1. Why didn’t the hospital have some serious policies in place?  It can’t possibly be that easy to fool a veteran nurse.

2. Why didn’t the nurse the call was transferred to, do anything to confirm.  Nothing wrong with a second back-up confirmation.  In fact, had it really been the Queen and Charles, I imagine they would have expected to be fully interrogated.

When my daughter went to the urgent care to get stitches last month, I had to set up a password that anyone calling in to check on her would need, to get through to someone willing top provide information.  And while my daughter in my world and my Princess, very few in this world would agree with me.  And yet, tight security.

Look, this was a fail.  A fail that turned tragic because one of many guilty parties took all the blame upon herself.

I don’t think, however, the DJ’s should shoulder as much blame and endure nearly as much finger pointing as they are.  How the hell did they even get through? They weren’t expecting to.  And they are feeling enough self-appointed guilt as it is.

I do think however, it’s time for a staff wide training session on the security practices they have in place, or to put some in place in they don’t already exist.

Because the truly guilty party is the lack of a policy or a hospital wide lax attitude towards it.  Unless it was a fluke the DJ’s got the one nurse who doesn’t stick to the written law of the hospital.

Oh, and with their ultimately being no real harm, aside from a breach of confidence however life endangering it was, this death is a horrendous waste of human life.  Nurses are what makes the hospital go round.  To lose one to something like this, someone should be ashamed.

I just have trouble, serious trouble, believing it should be the radio DJ’s.

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