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Alright, so I am way over due to write something, so I am going to touch base with a general check-in.

My blood pressure meds are working well, as long as I don’t miss a dose. But I keep some in my purse so I hopefully won’t miss any. In the event of a break through headache, it is mild and easily stopped by various pain meds.

Mental health wise I’m still doing pretty good. I’m finding myself grumpy with my family, but that’s mostly the boys fighting and such, and then Pat’s reaction to all that. That isn’t mental health though. That is a rightful reaction to the bullshit going on around me.

Work is still phenomenal. I really love every aspect of it. The people, what I’m doing, where I’m at.

I have found the best way to turn your husband green is to mention you are “late” a couple months after your tubal. It doesn’t matter that it’s part of the conversation that you’ve become very irregular since. Yes, I did start, I was just 1 day later than the site guessed and that was a guess based on a 25-28 day cycle range.

Band Back Together is nominated for 3 bloggies. You should probably vote for us.

Cat who moved in has moved out. We were hoping to get him fixed before he started spraying. We had the appointment scheduled even, for this coming Monday. But we didn’t get it in time. The breaking point was when he sprayed the rat, cage and all. Poor Lucky is not very happy with any of us. Anyway, Theo started a stray, his family is still out there. Bye.

The, uh, voices from the previous post was some technical thing involving my brain trying to fill in gaps from 1 ear being covered and listening to music, the other not. Which is reassuring. Because you never know.

We are in process of getting Thomas diagnosed with ADHD. It’s a lengthy process. Luke is SO next. This is vital to him living to see 5. So very vital.

We got our tax return. Then we bought a car. Car payment and all. I love the car. I don’t love the idea of payments. But we can afford it. Mostly. We are removing some of our cable channels to take the edge off. And the car insurance increase was less than expected. We’ll only be making payments for a year, then we’ll pay it the rest of the way off with the next tax return. Don’t mind the green tinge to my skin.

Sammy is beyond anything I could have ever hoped for. She is the most laid back baby I’ve ever met. She is sweet, goofy, cuddly, happy, healthy, beautiful. There is no one who doesn’t adore her.

Alright, that’s the general update. I’ll be around.

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