My Own Red Dress

The Bloggess has a traveling red dress.  Actually, I think she is up to 6.  It is worn by women who want to feel empowered.   It represents that thing women think they don’t deserve, but that they really really do.  The dresses are meant to be strapless ball gowns.  But I decided that while I deserved that ball gown, I want something I could wear to work.  Can’t so much get away with a strapless ball gown at work, no matter how empowering.  But then, I don’t need it to be strapless and a ball gown for it to make me feel empowered.  I just need it to be mine, and something I can wear whenever I need it.  So I bought something bright freaking red, beautiful, and work appropriate.  And I am going to wear the shit out of it!

(Photos coming soon!  I promise!)

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