Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid

Today’s texts between me and Pat, during my lunch hour (and JUST getting to work).

8:00 Code word: pickles! Love!
8:02 LOL

10:27 I love you

12:18 Lickle the pickle and tickle my boy!
12:24 The waffle is a pretty beige plaid pattern.  Also.  Blueberry. That is all!  GOOD DAY SIR!

12:25 I just face palmed

12:38 Also. Fuchsia.
12:39 The colors man.  THE COLORS! I can taste the rainbow of awesome and it is loud!
12:43 I would like to state for my defense: I have only had 24oz of caffeinated beverage in the form of canned Mt Dew.  This is all (insert bank name here) kool-aid.  Really, the whole teller line is bouncing around our confines. Don’t drink the kool-aid!  Or do.  Up to you!
12:49 We have been found out! New code word: bird!  Bird is the word! Caw twice and I’ll know it’s you!
1:01 Huh. An entire box containing 1000 packets of sugar, and coffee stir straws.  You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?

1:02 Pretty Matt give my wife her phone back

1:03 Oddly, not what I was thinking!

(Pretty Matt is our friend who is indeed very pretty and also, named Matt.)

I think his long gaps of silence was him trying to not encourage me.  Which backfired since I then decided to make each new text more fun than the last to try and get a reaction.  Also, really, there was no shutting me up.

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