Alright, I Give Up So I Turn To You

I’ve been playing around with how many posts show per page on this blog.  I’m aiming for the middle post column to be roughly the same length as the columns on either side.  Or at least not drastically shorter or longer.  The problem is, I have no real set length for individual posts.  Some are simply a few sentences, where others are novels in the making.  So I’m having to try and eyeball it, and guess.  Which has me ranging between 3-6 posts.  I think my best bet is to have it be 4 or 5.  Which doesn’t ultimately make a huge difference.  So I’ll probably go with whichever one pleases my OCD mind the most.  But then I’ll change my mind 2 days later, of course.  So I’ve decided I’ll just ask you guys.  Do you have an opinion, not care, or not notice because you are going to individual posts and not the main page anyways?

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