Few Days In Check Up

Alright, I’m fresh out of 3 days at my mentor’s branch and 2 days at my own.

Still. In. Love. With. The. Job!

Really, I just enjoy what I’m doing.  Yes, there is a degree of monotony to it, but it hasn’t gotten to me yet.  I get to use my brain, and really take time to enjoy my customers, and I love it.  I really really love it!

I like almost every coworker I’ve met between the 3 locations.  The one I don’t like I’ve only met once and it very easily could have been an off day, so I’m not worried there.  She very well could end up my favorite.  You never know!  Even then, 1 out of them all isn’t bad!

When I left my mentor branch the manager made it very clear he thought I was doing well.  They even joked about keeping me.  Though they were serious when they said they’d be happy to have me back should they need a set of hands and my branch can spare me.  And I’d be thrilled to go back!

So early into this and I already have this great confidence to my work that apparently shows!  The few things I do have questions in, I have no problems asking and the whole team seems happy to help.

So really, things could not be going any better!

Starting this coming week, I’m finally settling down into my regular schedule which makes me happy.  It’s a better balance and spread, not that it was bad before.  I just like my set schedule much better.

I’ll keep you posted!

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