Things I’ve Accomplished On This BUSY Wednesday

So wow, has today been damn busy!

Since noon I have:

  • Picked up paperwork from my meds doctor
  • Gone to my 6wk OBGYN check-up
  • Took that paperwork to work and showed off Sammy to people who still hadn’t seen her
  • Gone grocery shopping
  • Made a friend at the grocery store*
  • I had two phone interviews for 2 different jobs
  • I fed all 3 kids.  By myself.  Thank you very much.
  • I got all 3 kids into bed
  • I designed 2 more shirts for my store.  One for girls big and small.  And a BPD one for adults.
  • Got up to date on an overly OCD chart I’m making where I’m tracking Sammy’s sleeping and eating habits hoping to work them into patterns and a schedule.
  • I’m working hard on building a mental health community for myself on twitter.  As in, I just followed over 200 people who are in the community as advocates, sufferers, therapist, etc.Oh, and I’m not done.  Just for now.

I’m ready to fall over where I sit right now I’m so tired.  BUT damn do I feel accomplished!

*Seriously!  We kept running into each other.  She fussed over my baby, they both share a name.  My Sammy shares a birthday with her 1-year-old, she has an 8-year-old boy who would be perfect for Thomas and then an 11-year-old daughter.  After I bumped into her the 4th time, while not following any real path up and down aisles, I decided it was meant to be and gave her my phone number. So unlike me!  But, I could use a few more girl friends and our kids can play together.  So why not?  Pat, btw, thinks I’m crazy.

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