So, as mentioned in my previous post, I’m following literally hundreds of people on twitter who are in the mental health community.  As in, I just started following them.  I decided it was time to build that community.  Up until 12 hours ago, half the people I followed were mental health related, the other half were mommy bloggers.  And I like following mommy bloggers.  I really really do.  They are some of my favorite people.  But it is high time to expand my blog’s community.  For many reasons, personal and business.

And I’m following all sorts.  Not all of them are BPD.  Anything mental health related fits the goal.  And there are doctors and therapists in there too.

And some of them, and this cracks me up, are calling themselves BPD experts.  And these aren’t the doctors who are doing it, because they don’t need to refer to themselves as that.  It’s assumed.  But it makes me wonder: What does it take to be considered an expert on BPD.  Would I be an expert?  Because I know a lot.  I’ve schooled doctors, nurses, and many many others on it.  I personally know 2 people who know more than me about it.  My therapist and my shrink.  That would in fact be WHY I chose them.  I don’t think someone can treat me if I know more than them.  It leads to power struggles and such.  Plus, there is an advantage to me being able to say I think an anti-psychotic will help me, and my shrink agreeing and knowing why she agrees.  Since it’s off label and a lot of people are clueless as to why it helps BPD.  So yes, I know a fuck ton about BPD.  The brain chemistry, the meds, the actions, the thought patterns.  A. Fuck. Ton.

But, I don’t come close to considering myself an expert.  That would just be stupid.  Doctors are experts.  Years of school, not just some research, make them that.  And even then?  So very much is unknown about BPD.  How can anyone really be considered an expert?

But me?  That’s silly.  And some random dude on twitter calling himself a BPD expert?  It’s hard to take that shit seriously.  I mean, really?

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