Quick Notes

First off today was the day for spending money.

My mom bought me my flash. It’s the Promaster 7500 Nikon mount if anyone is interested. Otherwise it’s just a really nice flash that doesn’t have to be attached to my camera to work. That means really nice lighting options. Oh and it’s a 250$ flash I got for 125$ thanks to my discount. She also bought me rechargeable batteries and a battery charger for it. Score.

I had to buy the rats two new water bottles. The old ones were hanging inside their cage and the chewed holes in the tops of them. They don’t exactly hold water anymore. So I made a trip out to meijers and bought two new bottles that will hang on the outside of their cages. This way all they can get to is the little metal spouts.

BTW, if you ever get rats, be warned they chew. A lot. According to Pat they could chew through metal if they needed to. Mine choose to stick to water bottles and food dishes. A new food dish will be the next rat purchase. I’m thinking ceramic. Harder to chew through and harder to knock over. Better than the little tupperware bowl they’re currently using.

Tis the season for slide orders. I tell you I scanned more slides today at work than the previous month combined. Ok not really but only because I’ve scanned a lot of slides in the past couple weeks. I scanned a lot of slides today. Went in an hour and a half early to get an order out of the way. I’m going in roughly 2 hours early tomorrow to finish off another order. And the thing of it is, it seems the more I scan, the more I get in new orders to scan. It won’t end until after Christmas. The holiday season has begun. Which is good because I need the hours and work needs the profit. Things got a little shaky during the recession.

Did I mention I hate slides. It’s the most monotonous thing I do at work. It’ isn’t so bad when the slides are of cool things. Family photos aren’t cool things. Unless they are of my family. Hey Aunt Bunny, got any old family slides for me to scan? Might as well add them to the pile.

No her name isn’t really Bunny. It’s Barb. But when she was little she use to wiggle her nose like a Bunny and the nickname sorta stuck. She’s David’s mom and my mom’s big sister. Yes, she reads this.

Tomorrow I’m taking my camera and my new flash to work so Jim can show me how to use it. I know, we’re back to the flash. I’m just really excited about it.

I have a new digital camera I have my eye on. It’s the Fuji Finepix Z37. It’s a little point and shoot and it comes in colors of many. I want it in blue or purple. I don’t know what my discount on it is, but I think I might get it with my tax return.

I should be sleeping right now but I’m working on laundry. I feel like I’m always working on laundry. I don’t have a laundry day, I have a laundry week. Followed by another laundry week and then yet another. Every week is laundry week. If I had 3 wishes I’d wish to never have to do laundry again. I don’t care how it happens. Either clothes could magically clean themselves or we could get a maid. I don’t care which. I hate doing laundry.

So my hair. I chopped it all off. Well to be more accurate, I shaved it all off. Number one razor up the back and sides. That’s as short as it gets without being bowling ball shiny. Basically I have stubble but it’s too short to grip. Then on top it’s about a quarter of an inch long. Basically just long enough to spike.

And what everyone asks is why? It wasn’t a hard decision. First off I’ve worn it like this before. The first time I got it cut this short I was mad at Andrew and the world and took it out on my hair. It’s actually usually a self destructive coping mechanism. This time not so much. I basically grew it out because I missed pony tails and braids. Then I discovered my pony tails were giving me headaches. It never got long enough for braids. I couldn’t simply leave it down because I can’t stand hair in my face. I think that might be near the top of the list of my top 5 pet peeves. Hair in my face, no way. So the simple solution was to get rid of the hair. Which I did. Personally I think it looks cute. And my husband loves it. So much he can’t keep his hands out of it. It’s so soft now. I’ll probably keep it various degrees of short from now on. I don’t see me trying to grow it back out again. Not if I can’t wear it up.

I think that’s it for now. I have laundry to fold and then off to bed I go.

3 thoughts on “Quick Notes

  1. Sounds like a cool new camera kit for you. Congratulations. :)

    Rats are definitely chewers, though some more than others. We had one boy who continually chewed the bars on his cage, thinking (I guess) that he could chew his way out. Kim always kleenex boxes (with the plastic removed, of course) and toilet paper/paper towel rolls in there for them to chew happily.

    Our rat cage is right on a corner wall in our place, and before she blocked it off, they chewed the drywall! This was early in our time in this place, though, and they are blocked from that now.

  2. I have huge, thick cardboard tubes in there that the heavy paper at work comes on. They sleep in them, and chew them up. They love it. The little things are spoiled rotten.

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