NaBloPoMo ‘n’ Stuff

So I haven’t mentioned this before but November is National Blog Posting Month. In honor I’m making an effort to post in my blog daily. Not that I haven’t missed a couple of day, because I have. But the effort is there. And there have been a couple of days that I’ve posted more than once, so it makes up for the days that I’ve missed. Anyway, post daily this month is the idea.

In other news I had a fairly good day today. I got to work 2 hours early to scan slides and managed to finish the order just before the store opened. And guys, don’t let this get out, and it won’t last long I’m sure, so shhh… But… I’m currently out of slides to scan. No, for seriously. I don’t have a single slide in my entire lab that needs scanned. This makes me ten shades of happy. This also means when I go in early tomorrow, Tuesday and Thursday it’ll be to do maintenance, not to scan.

I use to get a natural high off of doing maintenance. But lately not so much. I think it’s the motivation issues. It takes a lot to pull heavy racks and scrub them clean. There are also quite a few things that could go wrong. Shit breaks, chemistry gets contaminated, etc, etc, etc. I’m hoping I can get myself back in the groove.

I’ll go straight to work after dropping Thomas off at school which will have me there between 8:30 and 8:45. Usually 8:39 on the dot, but who’s really keeping that close a track. *guilty look* Anyway normally I nap in my car until it’s time to start working. Which is 9 on Mondays, 10 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. BUT I have permission to let myself in early and scrub the racks. Which means theoretically I’d be starting maintenance at 8:30 tomorrow. However, this dumb ass left her key to the store in the store so I have to wait til my boss gets there in the morning, at 9, before I can start anything. yep, I’m brilliant. Oh well. I’ll deal with it.

My goal is to get every rack scrubbed at least once before Thanksgiving. I know after Thanksgiving I won’t get the chance again until the first of the year. Then once the first of the year hits I’ll bust my ass and stick to my strict maintenance schedule. That’s the idea anyway. So basically I have a month and a half to get my motivation issues in check. My main hope is that the next 2 weeks kick starts that. It would be nice.

So on a different tangent I spent the evening hanging out with my youngest and my mom. We had fun. She bought us dinner at Wendy’s and then we went to target to buy Thomas a belt. He has to wear a belt to school and the one he’s been wearing broke over the weekend. Mom bought him a 2 pack. Two sturdier belts for 10$ isn’t bad. We also bought some ice cream and pigged out on it back at mom’s house. Oh! OH! Mom also bought a baseball glove so she can play catch with Thomas. She was funny to watch trying them all on till she found the perfect fit. And she was so excited about it. When she got home she sat in her chair throwing a ball and catching it to break the glove in. She about drove her dog batty with it too. It’s like the dog wanted a turn catching the ball.

Target, btw, has got to be my favorite store. My only complaint is that they don’t have much of a plus sized department. Everything else though, I’m buying a target. I worked there, actually, 3 holiday seasons ago. I have to tell you, they are a good company to work for. I tried to stay on after the holiday season but they didn’t have any openings.

I just heard my drier go off so I’m going to go fold my work clothes and go to bed. Have a good night and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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