I Quit The Day, Today

Today just sucked.

Pat and I were snippy with each other. He actually got pissy with me because I spiked my hair before he could play with it. I had no idea it would be a problem.

I bought 6 pairs of pants for Luke and none of them fit. Well 1 fit but not well enough to be worth keeping. Apparently my 21 month old is in 3t. He’s got a belly.

I have a headache. Not a migraine. Just a pesky sort of headache. Just there to annoy.

Thomas is in trouble. He keeps playing in the bathroom at school and we keep getting notes from his teacher. Then he goes and annoys Grandpa. I actually sent him to bed before Luke. Luke went to bed a little before 6:30.

Luke was obnoxious today. I don’t know what it is but he can’t seem to be good on my days off. It’s like I throw him off schedule or something.

I’m suppose to do laundry tonight but I’m too tired to stay awake long enough to complete it. I’m probably going to be in bed by 7. Which is way too early but I simply don’t want to be awake anymore.

I quit the day, today. I’ll try again fresh in the morning.

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