Serious Side of Life

So, I’m not sure how this will work out, BUT with me not being on nearly as many meds as I usually am, I’m sort of attempting to lose some weight.

I refuse to stress about it.  Overall, I’m ok with my general size.  I’m also really pleased that I actually have a full wardrobe that fits.  That said, I wouldn’t mind going down a little.

In all actuality, I’m just going to attempt to eat healthier and hope that some weight loss is a side effect.

I’m not cutting out this or that.  I’m trying to cut back on my sweet tooth, not that it’s actually working.  But I’m menstrual so I didn’t stand a chance this week.

What I am trying to do is add in better things that I can fill up on.  Meaning, if I’m in a mood to graze I have a few pounds of raw almonds I can graze on.  So at least it’s healthier.  I’ve also bought about 10$ worth of raw veggies and another 10 in frozen.  So I’m attempting to work them into my diet more.  But if I just need something sweet, I’ll get something sweet.  Just with some limits.

On a whole different note, I’m facing my maturity and the fact I have 3 kids now and I’m doing the hard but wise thing.

Pat and I are in the process of creating wills. They are basic freebies from online.  We don’t need anything complicated.  So we have them, we just need to sign them, get witnesses, and have them notarized.

And I am shopping life insurance.  I have a small policy that work pays for that will get me taken care of.  But flat out, my family is dependent on my income so if I’m gone, they are screwed.  My goal is to get my family taken care of at least long enough that the kids are grown and Pat can figure out a plan of continued support.  But the real reason I’m sharing is: it’s really hard to get a decent policy when you are diagnosed with something like BPD.  You are at an increased risk for suicide.  Which fine, I get it.  But… don’t most policies not pay out if the cause of death is suicide?  So it just doesn’t add up.  Anyway, I’m doing some shopping.  We’ll see what I can find that is in my price range. (15-20$ a month.  At least for now.)

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