So. My Day.

10:30 WIC appointment.  Watched the mother of the 4 day old prop a bottle with a blanket while he ate from his car seat and she enjoyed the waiting room hands empty.  Nearly bite tongue in half trying to hold back impulse.

11:00 leave the WIC appointment just in time for Sammy to coat herself in puke.  My fault.  She finished the bottle right as the appointment ended I figure I had the 2 minutes it would take to get her from room to waiting room before I burped her.  Wrong.

1:00 tell my meds doctor I was fiercely happy and discussed getting me off all meds in 6 months to a year should things continue this way.

4:00 get home to discover full SWAT team forcing their way into the two neighbors to my immediate left.  Yes, both.  Oh, and the 8yo had either JUST gotten home via foot or was due any minute via foot.  PS: town houses.  So you know, connected with shared walls.

5:00 husband leaves for the evening

5:15 pull bouncer and baby into the bathroom with me because I’m going to be awhile.  Baby decides right then she wants fed NOW.  8yo brings me everything I need.  I leave her in bouncer, BUT I did actually hold the bottle while I continued on with my business.

6:00 publicly admit on twitter I’m watching Gnomeo and Juliet.  Declaring it something but unable to recall what that something is.

6:08 reach the end of send movie and realize that “something” shall henceforth be referred to as BULLSHIT in all discussions relating to Gnomeo and Juliet.  Should have seen it coming what with it being a kid’s movie.  Thank God Shakespeare is already dead.

6:11 the 8yo declares it a good movie and I weep openly for our youth

7:45 I publicly wonder on twitter if the SWAT team from earlier will come back for my 3yo and 8yo.  I’ve already blocked out of my memory why.  Though I’m betting it has something to do with them both being fully out of points.  Which means the 3yo lost a grand total of 13 today.

8:00 3yo declares himself not tired.  I declare clearly.  Because, clearly.

8:30 find out, oh hey I have a parent teacher conference with his teacher tomorrow at 6:30. Hope you can make it! The paper? Of course there was a paper sent home! And then promptly buried in the school work box!

8:45 I find both myself and Sammy both completely and unexpectedly covered in puke.  Which, I had bathed her a couple hours prior.  And that IS her usual revenge tactic for being bathed.  So maybe I should have seen it coming.

9:00 shit hits the fan between both boys who had been in bed for an hour at that point.  I decide I’m going to make them stand with their noses against doors until they calm down and can return to bed peacefully.

9:15 the 8yo gets sent back to bed.  The 3yo won’t stop yelling and complaining to get his release from punishment.

9:30 suddenly, all goes quiet.  I peek around the corner to find the 3yo prone on his back, spread eagle in the middle of the hallway floor right by his assigned door, out cold.

9:35 I send a pic and the story to daddy.

9:40 I get a call and careful instructions.

9:45 the following photo is born.

Don’t be stupid.  Obviously this was staged.

My that cough coming from the sleeping 8yo upstairs sounds awesome. Also, if you need me, I’ll be in my happy place.

3 thoughts on “So. My Day.

  1. How hilarious! The picture…not your day. I'll take a week working in the chemistry department any time to this list. And I'm sorry, but I'm sorta glad I wasn't over there earlier. Can you really blame me. Now go drink a little of that whiskey and get some sleep.

  2. Sounds like you had quite a day. The picture is adorable. I must there are advantages to being old. Those kind of stressful days are over. Sometimes you wonder how you ever survived. Looking back thouh I kind of miss having them babies again. Guess we can't have it both ways. Hang in there. You will get them raised.

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