Their Opinion of My Decision

So I guess there have been a few (Not necessarily anyone reading this, to my knowledge.) that have piped up about my choice to get my tubes tied, verses Pat getting snipped.  Which, ok.  But the thing is: “my choice”.

Pat didn’t pressure me to get my tubes tied.  He didn’t even ask.  I flat out stated that was what I wanted to do.  End of discussion.  I do not want to be pregnant ever again.  Not ever.  So I am electing to get a surgery, a minor one at that, that will help add a few layers of guarantee.

I also was of the opinion that while Pat and I were done with kids, should something happen to our relationship and he meet someone else, I wanted him to have an option with her, should he choose.  Pat is a great father.  Our relationship has been (very) rocky at times.  If we don’t make it and another woman should want to take advantage of how wonderful of a father he is, I don’t want to have made it impossible for that to happen.  That is my line of thought anyway.  Pat has since informed me he won’t be having any more babies with anyone else ever.  Fine.  But that will be his choice should we not make it.

But bottom line, this baby factory is closed for good no matter what my future holds.  And I’m making it official.

There is also the side fact that our insurance will pay for my procedure with little hassle.  There is much more hassle for his.  But I didn’t even know that fact until after I made up my mind so it was not factor in the decision.

The thing about birth control, it is personal for every couple.  I don’t want the pill, shot, or patch, I can’t handle the hormones involved.  I had an IUD and I had problems with it.  Unless we use condoms for the rest of our lives, we are running out of options.  But the decision I made, for my body, is the one I feel to be the best for me and my family.

And the fact I can so openly joke about the fact I’m getting fixed, should be a sign that I’m really ok with it.

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