My Tongue Is On Fire

I’m eating chips and salsa. I think I’m calling it dinner.

So far my one day vacation has been pretty good. It wasn’t completely kid free. The kids were here from about 9:30- noon. Then mom took us all out to lunch. It was a pleasant surprise.

After lunch Pat and I did our first of the month grocery shopping. We tend to make two large trips in the month with many “honey pick this up on your way home” trips.

Then I did the impossible. I’m completely caught up on blogs. I’ve read them all. Well, by that I mean as caught up as I’m going to get. Unless I’m really pulled in, I don’t read back any further than a page or two when catching up. I just read too many blogs to read every word ever written. Though I do have a few I never miss.

I’ve also, sorta, worked on laundry. I sorted my socks and threw out old ones that were recently replaced.

I got a magazine in the mail and reading that will come later this evening.

I also have another movie to watch with Pat. Last night we watched The Sorcerers Apprentice. I gotta tell you, it was really good. I’m surprised it didn’t do better. But then, it’s my genre so I was going to like it.

But now I need to return my blog list to it’s rightful place. Though I think I’m going to make three lists. Break it up some. Wait, make that four.

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