New Furry Addition To The Family

Congratulations, it’s a girl.

My sister has a snake. She feeds this snake rats. I try not to think about it but it’s a fact of life. Snakes eat rodents and things. These rats tend to be bread for this purpose.

My, down to, 3 rats are feeder rats. They just had a higher calling in life. A greater purpose, so to speak.

Today my sister bought a rat and tried to feed it to her snake. The rat was a little too energetic or the snake wasn’t hungry. Whatever, the snake wanted nothing to do with it.

So the rat was pulled out of the tank and put in a cage. Where Thomas found it and made friends quickly. Then named her Max. Then introduced Max to his little brother.

Of course.

Now Max can’t go in with our rats because one, it’s female and none of them have been fixed. Two, my rats are cranky old men and will attack anything that goes in their cage. They are just old. And cranky. I can get my hand in there to feed them. I can even pick them up. So it’s not like it’s a problem. But they bite anything that moves in their cage that isn’t me (or each other). Including cat paws, as Tiny Cat quickly discovered. They drew blood, Tiny Cat now knows better. We fear putting a younger unfamiliar rat into their cage would lead to a death. Max has better odds with the snake. Even if I’m wrong about the boys killing her, she is still a she so there will be no integration.

We have the old cage the boys outgrew long ago so Max has a good home. We even have a replacement water bottle since the boys tend to go threw them until we got glass. Now all we need is some bedding and we are good to go.

Welcome to the family Max, you are a little unexpected and unplanned but you will always have a home.

Edit: Apparently Max has been renamed Lucky because well, duh.

3 thoughts on “New Furry Addition To The Family

  1. Um…just a few corrections to the above. As you mentioned,Max has been renamed Lucky because she's a girl and Lucky….duh
    And lucky was bought yesterday. Her unfortunate cage mate was the first to go but Johnny wasn't ready for rat #2 so Lucky got a reprieve until today. But she's a frisky little thing and Johnny just wasn't interested so that's why she made it out alive. The up side of this is that the boys are "bonding" over this stupid (sorry Kim)rat and have stopped fighting. I've said it before….be careful what you pray for because God DOES have a strange sense of humor !

  2. I know you aren't suppose to feed snakes live food, but apparently this snake won't eat dead things. I try not to think about it.

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