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It’s kind of nerve racking not knowing if anyone from work reads my blog. I’m posting about things I shouldn’t make public work knowledge because the people from work who do have access to my blog I know I can trust to keep their traps shut. And well, let’s be honest… With the turn around at work as high as it is, most of work is job hunting from time to time if not all the time. So no real secret there. And if I am pregnant and it gets out at work, there isn’t anything they can do as long as I continue to do my job. I’m protected by a union they can’t just fire me because I’m going to take a maternity leave in 8 months (which will be covered by FMLA if I’m still there even).

When I start my period the day I get the pregnancy test result of not pregnant I’m going to laugh then cry.

I got another call from a different branch of the same bank. I’m talking to them Monday as well. And I have someone else, I don’t even know what bank (this is a Craig’s list listing I answered) emailing me back asking for an interview. I told them when I’m available but I haven’t heard anything back, because of the holiday I’d imagine.

I’ve set up the royal palace for Lucky. My mom has her in a cage already but if it’s the cage from her garage that I think it is… well what I have set up is better. It has a wheel and tunnels and a loft. Lucky is still little so I might as well give her the perks while she is little enough for them. Eventually she’ll need a bigger cage and I’m not sure what we’ll do then unless the boys have passed. They are pretty old though so that’s not a far stretch I don’t think. I don’t know. David, what is the life span of your average rat? (Never mind, it’s 2-3 years. I just looked it up. So yeah they are getting old.)

I guess that’s it for today. This is, after all, my third post. And it’s officially my bed time. Back to work at 10am in the morning. Good night everyone!

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