Follow Ups and Confessions

My interview wasn’t for Wednesday, it was set for Monday. I said it was Wednesday because I knew I had Wednesday off. I figured I would work Monday. I wasn’t given much choice as to the when of my interview. I was told when. I figured I would call in sick to work. Middle of the day, I didn’t see how I had much choice. The few coworkers who knew about the interview said hell yeah I should call in sick. Whatever it takes to get out of there. They know I’m not a lifer. The bank is bigger and better things. But I didn’t want to broadcast, even here where higher-ups have access, that I was planning to call in sick on Monday. So I lied and told you guys my interview was Wednesday. And my planned migraine for Monday was just going to be a coincidence. Luckily I was scheduled off for Monday so I don’t have to call in sick. Which is good. I don’t like lying and I can’t afford the hit in hours. I have never called in sick for anything other than being sick. I see no need to start that habit now. That and I respect my hard working co-workers. And while I seem to have their support, I still don’t like the idea of short staffing them. But again, I’m not scheduled to work anyways, so it doesn’t matter now.

I’m mostly saying this now so that I can report on the interview Monday and not wait til Wednesday like planned.

I also have a doctor’s appointment scheduled for Monday morning. I figured if I was going to miss a day of work, I might as well be productive. My current doctor’s note expires Saturday, though I’m sure they will allow it to carry over into Sunday. So I’m going to go back to the doctor to talk options. I’m pushing myself really hard in physical therapy. I have hand weights I’m using at home too. I’m pushing my shoulder hard. As a result, I’m in a decent amount of continual pain. My doctor was talking MRI. So we’ll get that scheduled. My doctor also wanted to do a basic blood work up. Nothing fancy, just that time of year. With all the meds I’m on, it’s pretty standard. While we are at it, I’m going to ask him to order a blood work pregnancy test. I trust that more than I do the stick I’m peeing on. I have a history of false negatives in early pregnancy. But with all the meds I’m on, I can’t afford to wait and see. If I am pregnant I need to know now so I can get off my meds now.

So I should know either way by Tuesday. Wednesday at the latest.

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