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So we were all sick last week into this week. Again. I know. Pat has come to the conclusion that we keep catching the same strand of ecoli. I dunno. He’s usually right,. It doesn’t really matter either way. All I know is that we were all pukein’ and poopin’ and my living room carpet will never be the same. Thanks Luke.

So how bad was it? Let’s just day we went through 12 rolls of toilet paper in 2 weeks. At the worst of it, I went through 2 rolls in one day. By myself. I pretty much lived in the bathroom that day. It was insane. But we’re better now.

And we’ve disinfected the whole house top to bottom. So hopefully we’ve killed the little bugger that keeps making us sick each month like clock work.

Oh, and I only missed one day of work and it was a 4 hour day on a 4 day week so it wasn’t a huge deal. Yay me. The plus side to never working is that if I’m sick, chances are I have the day off anyways.

There are signs I’m lifting out of my depression. I’m doing little things like folding laundry on the first try, putting laundry away, sorting away outgrown clothes, cleaning bathrooms, brushing my teeth, showering on days I don’t technically need one. You know, little things. And I’m looking forward to events that I know will take energy like school. Though I always look forward to school. I like learning as an adult.

Speaking of school I’m trying to figure out how many classes to sign up for this coming semester. Wait let’s back up a bit.

I put in a job application on Saturday. There is a plus sized women’s clothing store that is a 2 minute walk from where I work. A store that I think I’d actually enjoy working at. So I put in an application. While I’m not actively looking for a second job, I’m not ignoring opportunities either. The manager I spoke to seemed to like me and she said out loud she liked my application. The only problem is they have no idea if they are hiring at the moment. They just hired a few new girls and are still working out their schedule. If they are hiring it would only be for 10-15 hours a week. Since I’m only wanting 2 shifts a week, that would be about perfect. ideally between the two jobs I’d be at 5-6 days a week with maybe a couple of long days. I don’t mind long days as long as there is a change of scenery involved. No matter where I’m working I’ll always have Wednesdays off so that would be at least 1 day a week of rest. So it might be a bit crazy but we need the money. And that’s only if they actually hire me. Big maybe. No matter what she said she was hanging onto my app, but who knows when she’d need to put it to use. I also need to stress that the clothing store would be a second job not a replacement job.

So back on the school thing. If I’m working 2 jobs, 1 class. If I’m working 1 job with moderate hours, 2 classes. If I’m working 1 job with no hours, 3 classes. That’s what I’m thinking anyways. I sign up on the 26th. Unless by some miracle I get a job offer before that, I’m signing up for all three then I’ll drop what I need to drop when it comes time to pay for them in June. I’m really hoping I can take at least 2 classes. But we need the income more than I need my education. Mostly. So technically I should be hoping I can only take 1. Sort of.

Work itself is going ok. We are a bit busier than we have been. Not busy enough to get me in there more days, but busy enough to keep me sorta entertained on the days I am in there. So really, not very busy yet still busier than we were. Follow that? No? Read it again. Ok.

Now that I’m back to feeling better, instead of being weighed down by depression, I can honestly say I enjoy what I do. Sure, it gets a little monotonous (either I spelled that right on my first try or my spell checker hasn’t caught up with me yet… wow I spelled it right) at times but so does anything. I know I’m doing what I want to be doing. Is it what I want to be doing in 20 years? No, by then I hope to have my own studio. But in the meantime I’m in the right job at the right company. I just wish I had more hours and that things were a bit busier. We’re getting there I guess.

Thomas is good. He’s getting so big. He’s officially a reader now. He’s still in the early learning stages but he’s getting better and better. He reads everything in sight these days. On that note, I have an interesting (to me) story. He brought home a book on the underground railroad for school yesterday. He of course asked me to read it to him. Which I had no problems doing but I had to start it with a long discussion about slavery. He was a really good listener to it. I, in layman’s terms, explained that a long time ago white people were really bad to brown people (as he calls them, if he’s calling them anything other than people) and we made them work without paying them. I explained that the work was hard and the brown people were often beaten. They got very poor living conditions and very little food. They had no freedom. So a lot of them tried to run away, but if they were caught they could be killed. I did explain that there were nice white people that helped the brown people run away to freedom. Anyway, you got the idea. He seemed to understand. I guess they’ve touched on it in school. He didn’t seem to have any questions which kinda makes me wonder what he’s thinking. I hope I stressed enough that slavery was very very bad.

Luke is awesome. He’s talking more and more and we’re understanding him better and better. He has admirers near and far. I think it’s the red hair and chubby cheeks. One of his admirers (a friend of ours from WoW) is even sending Luke a teddy bear. I made the mistake of mentioning publicly that he needed one and next thing I know we had a volunteer. Anyway, I’ve seen the bear and it’s perfect. It should be arriving later this evening which is amazing since it was just mentioned, and ordered, yesterday. The good news is that now instead of saving my spending money for a teddy bear, I can save it for a booster seat for the kitchen table. He’s starting to resist the high chair. I can’t really blame him. He’s getting so big.

Wow I’ve rambled for quite I bit. I think it’s time I go ahead and post this. Later guys and gals!

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