Things I Want To Get Done During Luke’s Nap on Thursday

  • Get Pat’s and my laundry sorted and put away. (done)
  • Find Pat’s DSoftheM boxers. (I swear they are gone forever)
  • Get Luke’s outgrown clothes out of his dresser, sorted and put away into storage. (not sorted but out fo the dresser anyways…. I need more bins)
  • Get Luke’s summer clothes put into his dresser. (done)
  • Get TK’s basket of clothes up so TK can do the same with his clothes. (I’ll get this post nap. Tk isn’t even home yet.)
  • Clean out under all 3 sinks. (done)
  • Organize the cleaning supplies so they are all together under the upstairs bathroom sink. (Stupid, not doing this. What was I thinking at 1:30AM?)
  • Try hard not to crash due to lack of sleep. (done)

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