Dear Karma

Dear Karma,
Hello, it’s me again. I’m not quite sure what I did to piss you off. Are we still not even for the whole dropping out of college, getting married, and having a kid thing? I mean really? I know we tempted fate by selling the Nissan. I’m not sure you’ll believe me when I say we had no choice. I mean, it was keep the Nissan or pay rent. We chose living in our townhouse over living in our car. I’d think you’d understand, maybe not. Either way, we are down to one vehicle. So giving that one vehicle a tire that’s flat all the way down to the rim, so not funny. We apparently don’t have a car jack that can handle the weight of a van. I bet you take credit for that as well. We do, however, have a rockin’ spare doughnut and a can of fix a flat, but no means of getting the spare on the vehicle in question and no means of getting to a gas station, for air, unless we drive on the rim. So yes, Karma, you’ve put us in quite the pickle. Maybe this is payback for not having AAA. I assure you it was a choice between that or insurance, and one of them is illegal to not have. But don’t worry, Karma, you may be a bitch, but we are tough as nails. We always survive what you throw at us, and we always will. And someday, Karma, we will cash in. And that cash in will involve a house with a yard and a dog. May not fix our van now, but in the end, we’ll still win. Because Pat and I are good people, and I have to have faith that, that will get us someplace with you.


P.S. While I have your attention, Karma, what did the 6-year-old do to you? Did he really deserve his kitty running away to never return?

P.S.S. Karma, we know we had a car jack for the van. Could you please pay whoever stole it a little visit?

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