This Just In…

I put Luke in his pack-n-play next tot he bed to watch cartoons. It has become a nightly ritual. It too early to put him to bed but he is on our collective last nerve. So he gets some quiet time watching Nick Jr where he is safe and secure and I check on him as needed. Tonight when I went to check on him he was laying on the bed watching TV. Not in the pack-n-play. He didn’t do anything to cause him or his surroundings any harm. He just curled up in bed and watched his cartoons. Now, my theory is the pack-n-play was just too close to the bed and since the sides are basically fabric he was able to use the side of the bed as a step stool to get out. We’ll see. He’s currently back in the pack-n-play, with it away from the bed, down for the night. We’ll see if he stays put. I’ll be checking on him frequently. I really hope this doesn’t mean he can for real get out of that thing. That would be majorly inconvenient.

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