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42. I follow 42 blogs. I just updated my list to the left and counted them. And 42 is the answer to life and everything.

Shit, I forgot I’m suppose to track down my mom’s blog and follow it.

43. I follow 43 blogs.

13 thoughts on “This Just In…

  1. who says you're supposed to…..not me!! I'm sure you'll be bored to death since I already tell you this shit anyway.

  2. LOL I follow a lot of blogs, too. Half of them I don't read that often, though. On the other hand, there are a lot of blogs that I do follow but don't "follow," if you know what I mean.

    I read way too many of these things. :)

  3. I do actually read all the blogs I follow. And if I were in it to see how high my blog count can go, I'd follow a lot more than what I do.

  4. My problem is a matter of housecleaning, I think. I stop reading a blog regularly but I never actually "unfollow" it.

    May have to do that one of these days.

  5. I've had a couple of blogs like that, that I've stopped reading. I've gone ahead and unfollowed them though. I go through maybe once a month and clean up. Maybe less if I know I've been reading all my blogs. I have a few blogs that I follow that haven't updated in forever. But I can't bare to unfollow just in case. I actually go through and check all 43 of my blogs I follow for updates maybe not daily but at least every other day. I'd say 4-5 times a week.

  6. Spring cleaning is done! (What else is lunch for?)

    I'm at 39 now. Dropped a few, but formally subscribed to a few that I checked regularly anyway.

    Also started using Google Reader and downloaded an app so I can read them on the iPhone.

    God, somebody please help me. LOL

  7. It helps that not all of mine post every day.

    And some of the Tech News blogs, I don't read every post.

    Of course, now I'm up to 40. :)

  8. I'm still at 43. Though if you want to be technical and count "I can has cheeseburger" and "cute overload" and "Go Fug Yourself" and "FML" and such, I'm at way more than 43… But I won't count those.

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