This Just In…

Luke is currently downstairs, in the basement (me and Pat’s room) watching TV, by himself. He’s in the pack ‘n’ play so he’s safe. However he freaks out and tells me to go away whenever I go down there. At first I was like holy shit this isn’t a good idea. Then it dawned on me: He naps down there by himself. He goes to bed down there by himself. The only difference is that the tv and the light are on. Oh and he’s pulled to where he can see the tv. Add in the fact that half the time he’s down there in the exact set up I’m passed out in bed napping… He’s safe. Besides, I check on him often. The only thing he’s done that I don’t approve of is he removed his clothing. Which is something he does. So really, as much as my heart is pounding over this, he’s fine. This is just a baby step he’s taking towards freedom. And really, the temper tantrum he throws when I offer to bring him up here so isn’t worth it.

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