The Boss, My Queen

Parenting and Borderline Personality Disorder BPDSammy is a great sleeper.  Really, she has a great temperament in general, as long as she isn’t teething, but even then she has always been a great sleeper.

Of my 3, she is the only one to:
Request to go to bed, about the same time every night.
Not fight bedtime.
Go right back to sleep if you wake her either to move her or accidentally.
Sleep until the same time almost every damn morning, if not later, but rarely earlier.

So should the above 4 not happen, generally something is wrong.  Once her schedule is found, she sticks to it happily.

Yesterday we apparently did something to throw her off.  See, we adjusted her feeding schedule so that it made more sense.  She was getting the same amount and feedings were mostly at the same time, but we switched two of them around.

This is what it has been:
7:00 6oz bottle
8:00 breakfast
12:00 6oz bottle
4:00 6oz bottle
6:00 dinner

But I felt that by 6 while she was hungry, she was also sleepy, since she requests bed at 7.  She was fighting between too tired to eat, but too hungry to not eat.  So, it made sense to me, to switch those last 2 meals.  Dinner at 4 while awake, bottle at 6 when she could snuggle and drink.  Logical, right?

So we did that last night.

And then at 9:00 when she was just finally not screaming as we put her to bed (After 2 hours of scream filled attempts), we questioned that maybe switching the Queen’s meals around wasn’t the best idea.  But one more try just to be sure?

Then at 6AM this morning, she woke an hour early in a fit of hungry rage.

Uh.  Yeah.  Forget that.  It’s easier to fight her to stay awake to feed her solids.  I’m not messing with that.  Lesson learned, she is the boss, and she likes it her way.

Things could be a lot worse when living with a teething 8-month-old, after all.

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