The Following Post Talks About Poopin’ and Pukin’

You’ve been warned.

It seems Luke was contagious.

I started pukin’ at around 7pm Wednesday night and puked through the night. I was done pukin’ by 8am the following morning. Unfortunately the diarrhea that started at the same time lasted much longer. I missed most of my work shift for Thursday but I did manage to drag myself in from 4-7. Unfortunately a wave of dehydration hit me hard when I got there and I spent about the first 30 minutes sitting, unable to move. I was dizzy, shaky, and covered in a cold sweat. After I got some water in me, the first to stay in me all day, I felt much better and was able to be functional.

Luke puked one more time Wednesday night, the first since Monday’s sickness.

Pat woke up 2am early this morning pukin’ and poopin’.

Then when Thomas woke up for school he complained of a belly ache. Needless to say, we kept him home as a precaution. Sure enough by 9:30 he was pukin’ too.

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