I went to the dentist today. And let’s start by saying I’m going back to them. Which is like 10 kinds of wow and amazing.

The big news it my lower right molar. Yes I have 3 down there. It’s the one in the front.

For years I’ve had dentist wanting to root canal or pull it. The doctors who want to root canal openly admit it’ll probably have to be pulled eventually anyway. And I’m fine with this. It doesn’t bother me one bit. The problem is it’s been almost a decade since I’ve found a dentist I’ve been willing to return to, much less let them go in and do something major.

This dentist gave me 2 choices. Go to Newark and get a root canal or get it pulled in their office. I considered both but Newark is really far away, or at least far enough that I’m not driving our 14 mpg van there just to find out the tooth needs pulled anyway.

So next Monday, the 8th, I’m getting my tooth pulled and a filling in the 3rd molar on the lower right.

Technically both need pulled because the 3rd is a wisdom and my wisdoms need pulled. But he didn’t want to leave me with just one molar down there. I’m thankful.

I’m just glad to have a dentist I like.

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  1. I'm so glad you found someone you like. Dr. McDuffee is a hard act to follow, but I knew there had to be other good ones out there somewhere. So, you and Thomas both had good experiences….sweet.

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