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“Your own, personal, Jesus. Someone who hears your prayer, someone who cares.”

So, when you’re told to call someone who cares, does this mean you should call your own personal Jesus? And if so, WHO is MY own personal Jesus? Pat calls not it.


  1. Ping from Anonymous:

    I vote with Pat, not it…But always here just to listen…Stacy

  2. Ping from firstsoprano:

    "Jesus" is your own personal Jesus and anyone can call on Him in time of need. How do you think I've survivied and thrived all these years ?!

  3. Ping from Dave:

    Ok, now I've got that song going through my head.

    At least I like it, but still…

  4. Ping from She Who Is:

    I win. David Loses. Ha ha ha. =P

  5. Ping from Dave:

    Another song that brings back college memories. I fondly remember watching the video all the time instead of studying. :)

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