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This is old news to those of you who follow my twitter feed, but I actually watched a hockey game today. This is news because I can’t stand sports. The only possible exception is curling. I don’t know why, but I love curling. I think I’ve mentioned this. Anyway I watched the BIG hockey game of the Olympics; USA versus Canada. And I have to say, while I was rooting for USA on principle I was really proud of Canada for winning. I think they needed it more. And well, hockey is kinda their game. Either way, win or lose, it was a great game to watch. Both teams did an amazing job. And I’m really proud of myself for watching it.

I’m stupid excited about this shirt I ordered. It should be here on Tuesday. There is one jsut like it that say’s “I’m blogging this” that I’m getting next.

Thomas has a dentist appointment in the morning. I already know he has at least one cavity. I know this because the old dentist told us so. But we have a lot of bad luck with dentists. Many first appointments but refusals to go back for various reasons. As a result we are all in bad need of teeth cleanings. My appointment is Tuesday. Let’s hope this one is a keeper because he is close and hassle free. Well both of them. Thomans is going to a children’s dentist. I’m, obviously, going to a different one. But both are within 5 minutews from where we live. Which with our history is good news.

Gah I need sleep. I might check out the end of the closing ceremony. Only with my luck it’s over. I tried to watch it earlier but I got bored.


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  1. I kept a running Twitter commentary on the Closing Ceremonies, though stopped commenting on the individual bands after a while. I also understand that NBC cut away from the ceremony after Nickelback showed up, so I think I covered the cogent points. LOL

    In other words, depending on when (and if) you went back to it, you didn't miss much. :)

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