Happy New Year

This time 1 year ago Pat and I were fighting. Oh and Thomas was passed out cold on the living room floor from trying to stay up til midnight.

Mom bought me pants. And boots.

Pat gave me 80$ to buy a pair of work pants today. And mom was my ride home so I asked her to take my to Lane Bryant so I could buy said pants. While there she told me she would buy me a pair if I bought me a pair. So I walked out of there with two pairs of pants and two pairs of socks.

Before that while I was still at work, mom showed up to pick me up and asked if I was ok stopping at DSW. I flat out said no because I’d see too many things I needed (boots and work shoes) that I couldn’t afford and I didn’t want the temptation while I had 80$ that was suppose to go to work pants and Pat woulda killed me if I came home with anything different. Mom pointed out I needed boots. I agreed but told her I didn’t have the money. She said she did. So we went to DSW and she bought me boots.

BTW. OMG. BTW. They do not make cute boots that cover the calf that aren’t like for skinny people and shit. I saw all these boots that I seriously woulda bought a different pair if they woulda fit over my damn legs. I mean as fat as my fat ass is, I’m solid muscle from the butt down. Seriously. And my legs are large but they are solid muscle and boots were not fitting over them. So I settled for these cute knit boots. The knit aspect made them extra stretchy so they fit. Rant over. Oh and the big deal about it being muscle is that I can lose fat, my muscle isn’t going anywhere so I’ll always have limited selection when it comes to cute boots. Ok, now rant really over.

I like my new pants and my new boots. I’m just happy to have pants that both fit and don’t have holes in the theighs. Yes I’ve worn pants with holes to work, more than once. Luckily the holes were in the inner theigh and no one is looking there. Except maybe Pat. But he likes my various holes. Except maybe my mouth at times.

On that note I’m going to go watch balls drop and such.

Good night and happy new year.

One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. Your oldest son didn't make it until Midnight again this year, but neither did I. It's no big deal for me…I'm often up past midnight, but last night I was tired, he was passing out and I just said the hell with it. On a happy note….Luke was still in his jammies this morning when I finally crawled out of bed to rescue him. I used a "trick" and so far, so good. Of course one night is not enough testing. I hope this is the start of a better year for all of you…..MOM

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