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Introductions All Around

I want to know my readers all of you.

So we’re going to play a game. Comment to me with your name and tell me one thing about you. It doesn’t have to be anything huge or anything no one knows. Just something beyond the surface level.

In return you get to ask me a question. Anything. Nothing is off limits except for work specifics.

I’m kinda begging you. If you are reading this, comment.


Oh yes, I’ll answer all questions in the comments area too.


  1. Ping from xlessonx:

    Okay, I am April, and I was born during an earthquake in Ohio on 07/28/1980. I made da Earth move ^_^

  2. Ping from xlessonx:

    Because I have a bad habit of skimming… here is my question.

    If you knew tomorrow was your last day to live, tell me one realistic thing that you'd do and one unrealistic think that you'd do?

  3. Ping from She Who Is:

    April – If tomorrow was my last day to live first off I'd call off work. I'd spend the day with my kids. I don't know what we'd do, they'd get to pick. I'd read every book handed to me by Luke, skipping and rereading any pages he directs me to. I'd do crafts with Thomas, anything in his craft box. I'm sure we'd end up at the park or the "beach" or the zoo. Something fun. Unrealistic: I'd donate my brain to science to see of there was a way they could pick it apart to better understand BPD so that they could learn to cure it.

  4. Ping from yousmellikegoat:

    Name: Jesse
    Fact: I have a crushing fear of ending up alone or dieng a miserable slow and painful death by something dibilitating like cancer, I would possibly just end it very soon after I learned the severity level…

    You're worst fear?

  5. Ping from She Who Is:

    Jesse – My worst fear my kids not being happy in life and it being my fault. Think mental health.

  6. Ping from tracy:

    Tracy : i owe you a letter in a bad way!

    What is your favorite food?

  7. Ping from Dave:

    Ok, I'll play. :P

    Dave (also know as "Cuz")

    Once, when I was a kid, I stuck a piece of Nerf football up my nose…for no apparent reason! Luckily, our next door neighbour was a nurse and was able to help extract it.

    My question: What's your favourite food?

  8. Ping from She Who Is:

    Tracy and Dave – My favorite food is anything that involves a noodle of any type with any sauce for any reason.

  9. Ping from Dave:

    wow…same question within one minute of each other!

    That takes talent.

  10. Ping from firstsoprano:

    Ok, you already know I'm your mom and MY biggest fear is that MY kids are unhappy and it's all my fault. No really…I'm not just mimicking you. I think it's every mother's fear. With everything you write about BPD, I sit here and think to myself….did I cause that ? Could I have prevented that?

    My question to you is…where did I let YOU down??

  11. Ping from Sid:

    Um…my name should be pretty obvious, lol
    Fact about me…I collect Devil Duckies. Probably lame, but I find them entertaining.

    What would you do if you could be a man for one day?

  12. Ping from Patrick:

    Hi, my name is Pat and I want to be a kid when I grow up.

    my one question for you is…

    can I sleep in friday!?

  13. Ping from She Who Is:

    Mom – I think where you let me down is the first time I told you I was depressed and you said I had nothing to be depressed about. But you already know about that.

    Sid – If I could be a man for a day I'd experience my first orgasm. Crude but true. There is nothing else a man can do that I can't.

    Patrick – You do get to sleep in some but I have my meds appointment at 10.

  14. Ping from firstsoprano:

    I wish I could remember that conversation and what I was going thru in my life for me to have answered in that manner. Maybe we can discuss it sometime off-line and you could refresh my memory ?? I'm truely sorry. I sent you for counseling while your dad and I were going thru our divorce and nothing surfaced then. How old were you? Can you forgive me ?

  15. Ping from Anonymous:


    I would like to be able to take time to travel across the U.S.

    ? If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

  16. Ping from She Who Is:

    Brenda – I would like to live in British Columbia Canada. I want a house in a meadow surrounded by woods in the middle of no where. I don't know why. It's just what I've wanted for years now. I'd also settle for same set up, Washington State.

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