I’m Reading…

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer for like the 3rd time. I know, I know. My cousin David is probably rolling his eyes in disgust. What can I say, I like romance and I like vampires. So a vampire romance is going to be my thing. I also like Harry Potter.

I also like Jane Eyre and most anything really by the Bronte sisters. Of course I love Lord of the Rings, it’s a classic. Oh and the Dragonlance Chronicles!

So leave me and my twilight alone. Anyway, I’m reading it again to get myself back in the mood and habit to read. I still haven’t gotten myself through Steppenwolf, which I started weeks ago and I have a bunch of other library books to finish in the next 4 weeks.

One thought on “I’m Reading…

  1. I wouldn't say "disgust" is the word. :P

    Actually, I have no problem with Twilight, though I also have no interest in it. I'm a big Harry Potter fan, so I can hardly comment on this kind of thing anyway.

    Having nieces who are all into Twilight can be quite the adventure when I'm in Chicago, though.

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