People in Places

I need to thank the people who came to visit me in the hospital.

Pat and mom go without saying. Both made their support known loud and clear.

Brenda I had the feeling would be there if I wanted her. As soon as I made it known I did, she made the trek up to see me. Time and time again Brenda proves why she’s my second mom.

Jen came as a surprise. I wasn’t aware she read my blog, so the fact she found out I was in the hospital from it was unexpected. But she walked into that emergency room and ended up being there when I needed someone the most. She has been my friend since I was Thomas’ age and I’m glad nothing could change that.

While I’m at it though, I need to draw attention to 2 friends I made while in the hospital; Bella and Riah.

Riah and I are a lot alike and I think we’ll have a good friendship.

Bella. Bella. Bella. Have you ever met someone and gone “Oh Shit! this person is going to change and shape my life!”? Bella is more informed on mental illness than me. I learned probably more from her in those 4 days than I did the nurses. Some of the things she said are now key phrases to explain my existence. To top it off we enjoy hanging out and talking. I realize my mind has made her pure white. I’m just praying she doesn’t come crashing into the black too hard or too soon. I just feel she was meant to be in my life and she said the same.

I just love that new friend(s) feeling.

One thought on “People in Places

  1. Last time i was in the hospital, no one came to see me…that’s okay, husband is sick of this shit anyway…and it’s akward and we never know what to say anyway…i hope “last time” is the last time (early March)…it was certianly the worst week i’ve had in quite sometime…although i think the “boys” liked having me away…things always seem to go so well when i’m not around…

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