I didn’t know my stress over spending my money extended out to me stressing over spending any money.

I use to get such a high over shopping. Buying things for me and those I love was almost therapy.

These days I stress over what’s being spent, what it’s being spent on, and is there something else it should be spent on.

Yesterday I spent 100$ rounding out the boy’s summer wardrobe. Was I better spending money on t-shirts for Luke, or onesies? Was TK better off with sleep shorts or boxers? Does Thomas need more play cloths or some dress clothes? When am I going to be able to start to afford his school uniform clothing? We wait until the start of school and they will be impossible to find.

All this goes through my head in one shopping trip.

And I’m left with this over powering feeling of anxiety that even if I did good, I still did it wrong.

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