The past week I’ve been psycho. It seems like 5 PM hits and I just melt down. All my built up stress and anger rages out of me and no one is safe.

I’m trying to figure out why now. WHY NOW?!?!?

This all started before any new med changes so I can’t blame the meds. Really the only thing that’s changed is that I worked 6 days in a row this week instead of at most 4.

Is it possible that a change in what is regularly a very set schedule could trigger my melt down?

I know I have trouble with change of any sort and this change made me extra tired because it takes a lot for me to put in that many days in a row.

So yes, it is possible that is the trigger for the 5 PM daily meltdown.

Those you you with kids will understand this.

People with BPD are not so unlike kids.

Change is bad.
Meltdowns happen when you feel safe to let it all lose.
There is no rhyme or reason, melt downs just happen.
You can’t stop them.
You can’t prevent them.
You just have to wait them out.

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